So i finally got around to seeing IWTV, and I understand a lot of the changes (turning Paul into dead wife and kid) were kinda necessary, but one scene threw me for a loop. Louis is talking about how Claudia had her own coffin, and the movie shows her getting out of said coffin *during the day* tiptoeing around the light thrown from the sun in the windows and getting into Louis Coffin. WTF?

Okay yisss, good 😀  Embrace my Wall of Text™©®:

I think the Paul deal would have been difficult to convey without adding alot of extra scenes, it’s quicker convey Louis’ feeling of being bereft when it’s a wife dying in childbirth.

THE CLAUDIA tip-toeing around the SUNLIGHT THING. Yes. I had this problem, too, when I first saw the movie. According to movie!Louis, “She slept in my coffin at first… ‘till the day came when she wanted one of her own. But still, whenever she awoke, she would crawl into mine.“ 

The scene shows sunlight spilling in, it could be sunrise, afternoon, some other time… dunno!


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In the book, it seemed pretty clear that Louis and Claudia would go to their own coffins before sunrise, and that Claudia would come back out right before dawn and climb into Louis’ coffin. Remember that their sleep is not mortal sleep, it’s the Death Sleep, and they begin to slip into it before sunrise, and it slowly immobilizes them. Unless they’re being attacked, there’s nothing that can wake them during the day (and even then, they’re only fighting back unconsciously/involuntarily).

In the movie, it seems to imply that they have normal mortal sleep and that she might wake up at ANY TIME during the day, the way human kids wake up at any hour of the night to crawl into their parents’ beds. Certainly, tip-toeing around the pools of sunlight is kind of endearing in this scenario, might have been Anne Rice’s idea even (she wrote the script, remember) for something cute to make us like Claudia more.

However, in VC CANON, tip-toeing around that sunlight wouldn’t have worked, just a teensy sliver of light when she started to open the coffin lid would have been painful enough to shut it, and not open it any further. Again though, in VC CANON, her Death Sleep would have kept her from even trying, she’d have been asleep already. 

So I hope that answers that! Movie!Claudia can handle more sunlight than Canon!Claudia.