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zauberhaft by Oer-Wout

What were some of your favorite things to eat, and things to do outside in the daytime when you were alive? What do you wish you could do again?


A bitter sweet smile found her lips as she glanced out the window, imagining the sun light. “I don’t really remember a lot of when I was human….sometimes a have dreams about it though…like old memories…laughing in the sun, playing hop scotch, and skipping rocks into the swamps. Eating icecream, brownies, I loved sweets….I think I did….going to the French quarter and shopping during the day was so different than at night….crêpes were my favorite.” Resting her head on her hand she sighed. “I use to have dreams of picking flowers in the sun…fading memories….playing with my dolls in the grass…rolling down hills…I miss it all and I wish I could have experienced it with them…Lestat and Louis..”



Wow this looks amazing.

Hello! Do you recall if there is ever any reason given on why Mael didn’t survive the sun stunt although Armand, who is much much younger did? If Anne ever explained it I didn’t catch it. I love your blog by the way and you seem to be a lovely person <3

Y’know, I don’t think it was ever explained in canon! We’ve had a few Mael RPers over the years who might have have a good answer for you… @thevampiremael, @maelgallia come to mind. Other RPers, or anyone else, are welcome to comment/reblog w/ ideas on this.


[^X Brock O’Hurn bc of reasons *swoon*]

Mael had been turned (pretty soon after Marius was turned) by Avicus, another God of the Wood who had survived the Great Fire. Even if Avicus had done a bad job turning him or had recently turned other fledglings, that shouldn’t have been a factor in Mael’s vulnerability to sunlight so many years later, since Mael was old enough to have earned some durability on his own. The only answer I can think of rn is that Mael’s combusted remains were further destroyed by frightened mortals who saw it happen? Idk! It’s an answer I’d like to have. 

I love your blog by the way and you seem to be a lovely person ❤

Awww thank u for the blargh love and comment about me, that’s very sweet of you! ^_____^