While working out the VC gift exchange, @i-want-my-iwtv and I discussed ship names. Yeah, yeah, Loustat. But Armiel? Danand? D…Darius? Loumand? Do we have a consensus on VC ship names, guys? 🤔

From the VC Discord forever ago…

Yeah no, we don’t lol

I love this goddamn fandom

#This r serious discussion

But wow, I did not even consider the pronunciation issue re: Armaniel. “Arm-ayn-yul,” or “Arm-Ahn-yul”?!! So I’m more on the “Darmand” side, which follows more of a Bennifer or Brangelina logic.

Also I am throwing in my vote for Louis/Armand as “Loumand” bc Louis/Lestat is “Loustat.” Louis takes precedence! Did it used to mean something special about the ship when one’s name was first? anyways “Armouis” sounds like a very weird and distasteful kind of soup??