Bad Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics: Interview w/ the Vampires

u whining coward of a vampire who prowls the night killing alley cats and rats and staring for hrs at candles as if they were ppl and standing in the rain like a zombie until ur clothes are drenched and u smell like old wardrobe trunks in attics and have the look of a baffled idiot at the zoo.

(Inspired by Bad Shakespeare Aesthetics!)




These are some shiny ass pants though

Where on earth is this, and are they still there?

Hi! This was at Warner Brother’s Hollywood in Stage 48! I’m not sure how long these specific costumes were out but they’ve taken them out the last few years in October and put them on display somewhere in the studio tour, either in Stage 48 or in the Archives. 😀


Inspired by a HEART WRENCHING moment in @monstersinthecosmos Marius/Santino hatesfucking(drinking?) drabble I’ve drawn a smiling Children of Satan/Darkness Armand. Getting into the spooky aura of October it’s dusty Armand in the last place he should be all chipper. 



InktoberVC Day 01: Cosplaying Another Vampire!

I have this headcanon about Daniel and Armand trolling the Club Kid scene in the early 90′s, before they broke up. If I had more time I’d show you that Armand was wearing black wings and had electrical tape on his nipples and a ton of body glitter and was rolling his eyes because Daniel was just being a complete nuisance. 



I thought it was crazy fun doing VC Inktober last year and we got so much awesome art out of it OMG!!!! So let’s try again. 

Thank you to @yesdianah for letting me use this ADORABLE pic from last year  of Louis & Claudia getting pumpkins!! ❤ 

Don’t forget to tag your art #inktoberVC so I can find it!!!!!! 

Full list under the cut for easier reading. Some are repeats from last year because like, I’m selfish and I want to see them again. >:D 


replied to your post “I’m Shocked what the VC’s has took a turn to :/”

it’s in the AR trivia book LMAO i read it on the podcast a while back I was crying laughing. it said her fav snack whle she writes is brie & macadamias and i’m just like I MEAN IF THAT ISN’T THE SNACK OF A PERSON WHO’S WRITING THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES IDEK

I knew I’d heard of it from someone on here! now I have this image of her just hoovering down nuts and brie… that’d give me a natural high of a sort, for sure. MAYBE I SHOULD TRY IT FOR FANFIC… hmmmm….



quick thought before bed but when it comes to wank in a book fandom of all places maybe yall can be a little gentler on people who aren’t native english speakers? i guess if your whole role in a fandom is to be a jerkoff to everyone maybe you don’t take the time to get to know everybody and maybe it doesn’t occur to you that between the language barrier or whatever whacky translation they’re reading maybe they perceived the text differently?????  we don’t all have the same access or experiences.

just an idea. 

be fucking nice! 

What happened to “treat others as you would be treated”? Oh, when you can trample someone else for thought crimes, including holding a different interpretation than yours. Right.