Louis and Armand in a moment of reluctance. Armand is feeling concerned but knows he can’t ask why, how do you break it to him that he’s to blame for the relationship being DOA. Really threw the baby out with the bath water when you got rid of Claudia and Co., champ.

Usually I highlight with orange or yellow but pink became the color this time around.



Boy, do I love me some gay vampires.



My silly Chevalier




VC: Marble In Moonlight

A little belated birthday-gift for the lovely sheepskeleton ~ I hope you like it, dearie ^^

Marius thought it was a good idea to crop his hair and Armand is wondering if he’ll survive falling in love again.

awwww thank you, darling!!! this is wonderful! and you improved so much! *__*




While working out the VC gift exchange, @i-want-my-iwtv and I discussed ship names. Yeah, yeah, Loustat. But Armiel? Danand? D…Darius? Loumand? Do we have a consensus on VC ship names, guys? 🤔

From the VC Discord forever ago…

Yeah no, we don’t lol

I love this goddamn fandom

#This r serious discussion

But wow, I did not even consider the pronunciation issue re: Armaniel. “Arm-ayn-yul,” or “Arm-Ahn-yul”?!! So I’m more on the “Darmand” side, which follows more of a Bennifer or Brangelina logic.

Also I am throwing in my vote for Louis/Armand as “Loumand” bc Louis/Lestat is “Loustat.” Louis takes precedence! Did it used to mean something special about the ship when one’s name was first? anyways “Armouis” sounds like a very weird and distasteful kind of soup??