The thing about this is that sculptures like these in art history were for the male gaze. Photoshop a phone to it and suddenly she’s seen as vain and conceited. That’s why I’m 100% for selfie culture because apparently men can gawk at women but when we realize how beautiful we are we’re suddenly full of ourselves…

“You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.” ― John Berger, Ways of Seeing


Ten things I practice as a woman artist:

  1. Thank people who compliment my art.
  2. Agree with people who compliment my art.
  3. Avoid deprecating my own art (for example with self-hating language in hashtags like #mystupidart or #Imsuchtrash).
  4. Avoid apologizing for my art.
  5. Avoid defending my art to people who aren’t interested in helping me grow for my sake.
  6. Do not accept or internalize criticism that comes without my consent.
  7. Share my older art from time to time as a reminder of my growth.
  8. Celebrate accomplishments and milestones.
  9. Write and talk about my art so I’m more aware of my choices.
  10. Take my art seriously, even if I’m being silly. Always respect myself.


the key to art is not giving a shit. not giving a goddamn shit. you gotta go to your sketchbook or computer or whatever and just draw free. no rules. do what you want and what feels right. if it looks like shit? no it doesn’t. keep going. keep drawing. you have a skill that is so rare and to keep it is the greatest gift of all.


me: destroy cringe culture. it’s mean-spirited to dismiss someone’s harmless interests as “cancerous” or “cringe-y”.  don’t shit on people just to feel better about yourself.

inevitably, some dingdong: ummmmmm but criticism? is necessary for artists to get better?? 🙂 however will they grow if i don’t personally shame them?? it’s freedom of speech sweetie 🙂 grow a thicker skin :))


listen i might be drunk but im right. art & literature & nature & music make life worth living. people who look like they were ripped out of a caravaggio painting make life worth living. go organize a bacchanal in the woods. take pics of your lover in your hotel room in venice. who cares if there’s a void in your soul. who cares if you can’t get attached to anyone. neither can michelangelo’s david.

A Note on Reblogging (Your Own Fic/Art/Stuff/Etc.)



Look, here’s the deal with tumblr: it moves fast. A lot of people follow enough blogs that scrolling through one’s entire dash is impossible. I remember the days when I could wake up in the morning and scroll back to the last post I saw before bed. Sweet, summer child.

Here’s the other deal with tumblr: I see so much anxiety about reblogging one’s own stuff, be it art; analysis; fanfiction; hell, personal posts and replies. I have (and continue to feel deeply) that anxiety. Every time, my inner critic and I go through the same song and dance.

Critic: You look like you’re begging for notes/replies/reblogs. People will think you’re needy/full of yourself/have to be the center of attention. You already have a few notes, why do you need more? Other people have it worst than you. Ugh, you’re just clogging the dashes of your followers. If they wanted to read it, they’d have read it already.

Me: *ball of anxiety* You’re right. Wait, no you’re not. Wait, maybe you are. Wait, no—

I’d say it’s 50/50, even now, that I’ll reblog myself. 

And you know what? Fuck that. 

  • Not everyone can get through their dash in a sitting.
  • Timezones are a thing.
  • Work hours are a thing, also affected by timezones.
  • Life away from tumblr is a thing (what??? I know).

There are so many reasons a person might not see your fic/art/stuff the first time. Reblog it the next day. Reblog it a week from now. Hell, set up a schedule or a queue and have it reblog itself three months from now. Go back through old fics and reblog the ones you really liked; I guarantee you have followers who are new enough to have never seen it or who would like to reread it.

Be proud of the work you do.

Oh yeah, I felt that resistance from here.

Say it again. Out loud. Write it on a post-it note and stick it where you’ll see it.

Be proud of the work you do.

You wrote/made it for a reason. And yeah, part of that reason was probably to share it with other fans. Otherwise, why post at all? I know. Man, I get it. I’m cringing even writing that. The fucked-up “don’t show off” mentality runs deep, right?

Fuck that, too.

If you have followers who unfollow you because you’re reposting your stuff (and this is hard to prove, remember; maybe they quit tumblr, maybe their interests diverged from yours, whatever), who cares? Let them go. For everyone who leaves you, many will stay. And many will be happy to see that thing they missed because of work, life, sleeping. Especially if you follow a few points of tumblr/dash etiquette:

  • Use cuts/read mores for anything longer than a few hundred words (I tend to cut at about 400-500 words, though if something’s under about 700 I might leave it).
  • Reblog at reasonable intervals (day/evening, next day reblog, etc. Hourly might be a bit much ;D).
  • Use tags so people can filter appropriately.

Be proud of the work you do.

(Write it down. Yes, you. <3)

it’s honestly helpful for those of us that can’t check tumblr at work if you DO reblog your stuff.  If you’re an artist, i’m following you because i want to see your art and I don’t want to miss it.  But I’m at work all day and I can’t check tumblr for obvious reasons.  

Dude, just reblog that shit.  I want to see your shit.  That’s what I’m here for.  You inspire me and I don’t want to miss that.  

hey! i’m currently struggling with what could be called “art dysphoria”. I currently hate my art style. I have so much trouble finding what works for me. my art style not only is i speaking to me, but it is almost impossible to pose something anatomically correct. do you have any tips for finding a new art style?


well, i believe every artist out there has struggled (and still struggles) with the same issues as you, lovely person, so don’t worry that much about it. imo i think an art style is developed rather than ‘found’ if you know what i mean. 

i can understand why people want to find the thing that’s theirs and all, but that shouldn’t be the main reason for drawing. an art style is something people grow after they finally enjoy what they’re doing and only after they know art is something that makes them feel things. 

an art style is like a kid, right? like, your own child— your personal creation.

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It really sucks that you’ve moved into patreon. I’ve been following your work for a long time, and I used to love your Head Burp blog, but now I have to pay to see the same things?? Idk, it’s just kind of the sell-out point for me. It really makes me sad and pushes me and others away from your work and it’s just a disappointment :( why did you have to fall in the same shitty fame pit as everyone else…


Hello! I’m sorry that this has left you disappointed. If you are interested in an explanation (you might not be, which is fine) then here is one: 

When I began sharing my work online years ago I was unemployed and couldn’t work due to my illness. Posting drawings and writing on my blog played a huge part in my survival during this time, and I am lucky that I had such a positive response from people like yourself, it was what kept me going and motivated to hold it together. (Side note: The main reason I deleted the Head Burp blog wasn’t about monetising words, but because there was information/writing that I no longer felt comfortable being in the public forum.)

As the years have gone on I am able to manage my illnesses better and now have longer periods of stability that allow me to work. I am trying to support myself as a freelance artist/illustrator/whatever you’d like to call it. Working freelance in a creative profession is not easy or particularly well-paid a lot of the time. It is very hard to earn a consistent income. I have chosen to make this my job, so yes it is on me to try and make it work, but I don’t believe this is a choice that I or anyone else should feel guilty for.

I am on a learning curve with everything at the moment when it comes to being an adult, including work. I might not be getting it all right, but I am doing my best to find a balance. I still love being able to share work on social media; It is important to me that people can continue to see as much of it as possible for free. I also want to be able to support myself financially. Just as other people who get up and do a job each day, I would like to be paid for my time, my energy, and my work. 

If you really feel that artists putting monetary value on a skill is selling-out then I can’t argue with that, but I would urge you to consider that we face the same rent/food prices/living costs as everyone else. The reason why so many artists have fallen into what you call this ‘shitty fame pit’ of Patreon is simply because we want to live independently, buy food to eat, have money to pay bills and just exist in the world. As romantic an idea as it is, we can’t live off exposure, reblogs and likes alone. 

Personally speaking, setting up a Patreon was actually quite a difficult decision that I put a lot of thought into and have tried to make it a fun and fair addition to what I will continue to post online. I am fully aware that this is not something everyone will be interested in, and I am not forcing anyone to sign up to it, at all. Besides, I haven’t moved all my work behind a paywall or anything, I am still very much here/on instagram etc posting drawings frequently. 

Anyway… that’s my bit. 

Thank you for supporting my work thus far. I’m not too worried about changing your mind on this one if it’s made up, but I hope this gives you some food for thought when considering the way I and other artists whose work you enjoy operate.