I believe that the beauty in places is
evident—however, in people it is a lot more hidden. The great attraction
of human beings, is that this beauty manifests itself in fleeting
moments and thunders. Exterior beauty is ephemeral, it comes and goes.
But true beauty is connected to other feelings, such as joy and
tenderness. These are feelings that have nothing to do with exterior
appearances, and are hidden deeper inside things and people.

Paolo Sorrentino on “The Great Beauty”

Can you just give some general relationship advice? You’re the most romantic vampire I’ve ever seen <3



If you’ve ever read my books, you know I maintain relationships merely because I’ve been lucky enough to find people who don’t throw me away when I reveal myself to be a complete and utter disaster who will sabotage everything we have if given half the chance. I’m a terrible person to give relationship advice. 

So here, based on my own failings:

-Say you’re sorry. Mean it. 

-But don’t say it all the time. 

-Seriously, it loses all meaning.

-Even if you ARE sorry. 

-No, sex with that other person isn’t worth it. Yes, I see how good looking they are. Trust me. 

-Find ways to show love: notes, trinkets, kisses. Something to show that they are on your mind. 

-But not gifts you’d rather just have for yourself, you idiot. 

-Don’t buy them a house unless they asked for one. 

-Don’t trick them into having children with you because you are afraid they’ll leave you. 

-Don’t entrap them. 

-Seriously, that one is never going to turn out the way you hope it will. 

-Tell the truth. Even when it makes you look terrible.

-Trust them. Yes, especially when you don’t want to trust anyone.

-Tell them the things that scare you about yourself. If they are who you think they are, they can hold them for you.

-Know that they love you, even when they are so angry at you that they can’t bear to look at you. 

-Say I love you. Yes, it’s going to hurt. Do it anyway. 

“You forgot the most important point. 

Allow yourself be loved. No matter how wretched and undeserving you feel.”


if you’re going to urge people to think critically about the media they consume, you must accept that they might do that and come to a different conclusion to you.

the phrase ‘think critically…’ all too often comes with an unspoken assumption of ‘…and you’ll adopt my opinion, which is the right one’ which is both arrogant and contrary to the initial suggestion.

let people come to their own conclusions. you don’t have to adopt, support, or even like them but you should respect them.

(also stop assuming that people haven’t already ~thought critically~ about the media they consume before you deigned to show up. condescending intellectual elitism is not a good look.)




I know I told this story before but last year I was having complications with a surgery and I just broke down in a public place and I was trying to gather myself, sitting and leaning on a wall when this girl in cowboy boots approached me and sat down and she asked what was wrong and I told her it was medical issues and she said “I understand, I have to have my foot amputated next week” and it shocked me out of crying and I was like “wow that sucks!” And she said “yeah.” And then she just touched my arm so tenderly and told me “I promise you that this problem will have its place, and everything is going to work out.” And the way she said it just made me really believe her. She said. “We’re just gonna have to cowgirl up.” And then she stood up and walked away and I’d call that a genuine encounter with an angel but the truth is there is a lot of goodness right here on earth in humanity and it’s shining and pure.

Okay but “this problem will have its place” is genuinely inspiring

THAT REALLY STRUCK ME because I’ve always hated the tired rhetoric of “this happened for a reason” and this feels like a more genuine, comforting take on that. Not “it happened for a reason,” but “this will find its spot in your life and your future that it fits into in a way that will eventually work out even though it sucks that it happened.” Love that.