No one asked for this (well someone sorta did but they’re on hiatus, sadly), I had made these ‘shops bc RDJ might have played Lestat ages ago (article from 2009, I think), and so I wanted to ‘shop him into place, and this is what happened. The middle one is the cleaned version, the other 2 were WIPs, anyway, HAVE IT. I happened on this file today and felt like someone might appreciate it.

“…Now it looks is though RDJ has his eyes on Twilight moms.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Robert Downey Jr. is almost done closing a deal to take over the highly coveted role of Lestat, the head honcho vampire of a reboot adaptation of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. For those who don’t remember, the role of Lestat has already been played by Stuart Townshend in Queen of the Damned and Tom Cruise in the vastly superior Interview with the Vampire. It’s not yet known how this new series will take place, as there are 10 Anne Rice novels, but if it’s a reboot, it’s safe to assume that they’ll be starting up with the first novel, Interview with the Vampire.

It’s not big news at all that Universal Pictures is deciding to reboot this franchise at this time. Vampires are huge, and a Robert Downey Jr. vampire? Well, that’s just good business. With the right director and a good screenplay (Yo Guillermo, how about you take some time off those lame Hobbit movies and get on this?), this could definitely be something to look forward to, but with a great adaptation of Interview already out there in the world, I hope they let that one go and start with The Vampire Lestat.



No one could in any guise convince me of what I myself knew to be true,

that I was damned in my own mind and soul.


ok well my long since 2k17 October journey to find that one nun!louis is finally over bc guess who recently found the blessed photoshop saved onto an old email account?? m e (i can’t believe i saved it, but then again, i can) 

It’s right here, for people to enjoy, but allow me to stress that this is not my work. I do not know who made this, and I wish I could give proper credit where its due. If the creator would like me to take it down or credit them officially, I’ll gladly do so. No fuss and no hard feelings! I’d just really like to share this piece of art that made my life that much better and thank whoever did it! Bc, damn, you are a genius. 

i mean just check it 

Who is responsible for this??? So we can praise you???

Have you seen Anne rice’s article on Facebook of honey boo boo photoshopped into vc films?

This ask was from November, 2017, I’m not sure if these were all made by the same person, Ran Valerhon, but this person has been making them since at least October 2, 2012 (and it looks like Chris Rice had started it?). I’ve seen them… I get that they were made to be amusing, but it wasn’t really my sense of humor. 


^X What is going on with Honey’s torso here it looks painful…

I’ve got a few of these saved under the #honey boo boo tag. Gawds I found a link to a whole gallery of them: 


Time has passed and they’ve grown on me a little. But not by much. Idk, not my sense of humor but have at it if you like it! 

That’s my stance on VC shitposting in general, I draw the line at stuff that feels too disrespectful for me, but I’m sure my stuff crosses the line of disrespectful to some ppl. We coexist, the fandom is plenty big enough for Honey Boo Boo!Claudia to give ppl a laugh even if it doesn’t work for me!

Lestat, did anyone ever mistake Claudia for your biological child? Did you ever play up your physical likeness?

♛ “Oui, many of her admirers would praise her beauty, and, noting our similar coloring and personalities, would assume she was my own biological daughter. On closer inspection, her hair had more of a natural curl than mine, and the color was just a touch darker, like honey, and her eyes were also a touch more sapphire. But such minor differences do happen with children.” *sigh*


[^X] “What we told these people was that she was in fact my niece, and that Louis was her biological father; tragically widowed when his wife


(my younger sister) died in childbirth. It was a narrative that threaded the three of us together naturally; in being a part of their lives, I was also honoring my ‘sister.’”

“We believed in this ardently, Claudia would tell it herself, adding her own embellishments.“



But once I’ve put out thy light… I cannot give it vital breath again. Its needs must wither.

so, I love fire (im sure you could tell from my name), but why do you have pictures of people actually burning and being hurt as well as people burning them self? don’t you think fire should be a good thing and not used to hurt people :/ idk, no tea no shade im not tryna attack u or anything just wondering


This all comes down to why you like fire!
If fire was just that (fire) I feel it’d be quite boring. But the fact its destructive is what makes it personally more interesting to me. It speaks more words imo.
Like after a few years of just looking at matchstick pictures, its sort of an empty picture with no meaning yanoe?
But a picture where something is happening is more interesting to me because it brings feelings, emotions and speaks a thousand words.
Most people on fire in pictures tho are usually 1. Using amazing photoshop skills (which deserve recognition imo). 2. Self inflicted in controlled conditions. (I won’t state how to do that here incase anyone tries and messes it up but it is possible to set yourself on fire and still be safe).

Essentially what I’m saying is art comes in all shapes n sizes. and art to me is meant to make you feel something.