These are some shiny ass pants though

Where on earth is this, and are they still there?

Hi! This was at Warner Brother’s Hollywood in Stage 48! I’m not sure how long these specific costumes were out but they’ve taken them out the last few years in October and put them on display somewhere in the studio tour, either in Stage 48 or in the Archives. 😀


Lestat cannot BELIEVE Louis actually put on the costume he’s been begging him to wear for decades. Louis might look a bit unsure but, really? He’s warming up to it under Lestat’s infectious enthusiasm. 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your day is deliciously spooky and full of treats! Here is my treat to you ❤ Pencils for lines, photoshop for color and type. 

The background was made using this material and the type face is Oh No

@parxsisburnixg submitted:

So, I was bored last night on my day off, and I decided to re-watch “IWTV,” just for fun, of course. I remembered how much I fell in love with the costumes by the lovely Sandy Powell, and so, I wanted to design one for her. Hang in there with me on the description, but here goes nothing:

I know, I know— it probably looks too much like the blue one she already wore beside Madeleine in her final hours, but I wanted it to a mirage of blues from dark cerulean to sky-blue. And then just for fun, I swept some Phoera glitter eyeliner over the finished colors for a sparkle effect. On her small cap sleeves and the large sash on her dress in front, there are black beads. I wanted a nice contrast between the colors, so that’s what came out. Well, I haven’t even finished the dress design if I’m honest!

But mostly, I designed this dress for her with the thought of Louis’ quote involved: “We reached the Mediterranean. I wanted those waters to be blue, but they were black, nighttime waters, and how I suffered then, straining to recall the color that in my youth I had taken for granted.”

I dunno why, but it seemed fun to do. Sorry for the monologue, but I just thought it’d be fun to share. I will also do the re-imagining of costumes of other characters!

Wow! It’s lovely, I think Sandy Powell would be pleased, Claudia would adore it. Nice tribute to the quote from the book! The glitter for the glittering waves? Black beads for contrast, the morbid touching on the lively aspects, since they are undead.


ok well my long since 2k17 October journey to find that one nun!louis is finally over bc guess who recently found the blessed photoshop saved onto an old email account?? m e (i can’t believe i saved it, but then again, i can) 

It’s right here, for people to enjoy, but allow me to stress that this is not my work. I do not know who made this, and I wish I could give proper credit where its due. If the creator would like me to take it down or credit them officially, I’ll gladly do so. No fuss and no hard feelings! I’d just really like to share this piece of art that made my life that much better and thank whoever did it! Bc, damn, you are a genius. 

i mean just check it 

Who is responsible for this??? So we can praise you???

Hello, mon cher! It is I, Michaela (lixncourt!) and I was wondering if you knew if there were any specific screenshots of that gorgeous silvery-black robe Stephen wore in the film’s crypt scenes. I’ve been trying to find pictures for fan art purposes, but can’t seem to locate them! (And also, I wish you good health and happiness!)

Bonjour Michaela/@lixncourt~* Wishes received and appreciated, I wish you good health and happiness, too!

What an obscure question! I’m impressed. We see this silvery-black robe for like 20 seconds when he’s confronting Louis’ narration, “How did you wrong him? You said a name…”  

That WAS a gorgeous silvery black robe, indeed. I’m guessing it was crushed velvet, you can see in the production stills below that it’s got “tracks” cut into it, so idk what fabric would do that, but it doesn’t look like a print to me.

@vinceaddams and @sanguinivora are costume ppl, they might know better what this is… I bet there were more scenes with Santiago in that robe, too, the full “trial” for Louis and Claudia under the theatre! but they were probably cut for time.


I also took a screenshot for you, and even though I tried to brighten it up, as it was a pretty dark scene, I don’t have the BluRay, it’s not the best quality 😛 Maybe someone has a better screencap.