Lestat, what are some of your favorite emojis? (If you use them) Does Louis like them too?

♛I certainly do use emojis, I can have whole conversations through emojis, conveniently. >:} and >:C are favorites…


I often prefer the emojis made by letters to the more modern preset versions, as I started using them before the presets existed, and I find that they are more vague in simplified form, and can be more effective that way. These two are nowhere near the same emotion:


The older version conveys dissatisfaction layered with ennui, possibly disgust, or resignation. The drawn version is more pleased with itself, teasing. Of course they each have their use, some of the preset icons are excellent for quick requests…

To Louis: this message, for “Thirsty?” I had the droplet icons modified in our phones:




To Louis, when he refuses: 


To Louis when he puts his foot down about it:


Of course I very much like to send him barrages of flowers, hearts, and such, on a whim. 

…And it irritates me beyond measure when he replies with this, repeatedly:


This could mean I am in for a serious tongue-lashing, or, a pleasurable tongue-lashing. He’ll keep me guessing until we’re face-to-face.

Hello! I hope you’re well! I was just curious Lestat mentions in TVL that he was ” the youngest of three who had lived to manhood” We get the name of his oldest brother, but I can’t seem to find them name of his other brother. Do you know whether he is mentioned by name? Many thanks, I hope you have a great day. P.s. I love your blog keep the good work up😊

Bonjour! I’m well, thank u, thanks for the blog lurve! <333

I don’t think his other brother was ever mentioned by name, no 😛

I don’t really love this bit of canon but it’s an interesting explanation; in Blackwood Farm, Lestat says his name is “compounded of the first letter of each of my six older brothers’ names,” so they’d have to have started with L, E, S, or T, bc A was for Augustin. And two of his brothers started with T. 

I was working on a ficlet at one point and wanted to include this unnamed brother, talking about him in a PM with someone, and came up with “Étienne,” which is a French equivalent of Stephen/Steven.

Proooobably it’s bc I headcanon him as looking like Steve Zahn and I CANNOT explain why that is, but I am 99% married to this headcanon.


^This is from Joy Ride.

I think it’s bc he’s somewhat attractive, but only bc of his cartoonish attitudes, very smarmy but simple-minded, seems like the younger of the two brothers, desperate to please the older one, Augustin could easily lead him around, he wouldn’t question being ordered to beat on his younger brother, even if he didn’t take much pleasure in it. 

So the brother’s names (not necessarily in birth order) would be:

  1. L-?
  2. E- (I am really attached to Étienne!??)
  3. S-?
  4. T-?
  5. Augustin
  6. T-?
  7. Lestat
  8. Off-topic but still, I like to think the eighth de Lioncourt was a girl, bc really, 8 boys in a row is unusual. @viaticumforthemarquise named her Mireille, I think *u*

Lestat, did anyone ever mistake Claudia for your biological child? Did you ever play up your physical likeness?

♛ “Oui, many of her admirers would praise her beauty, and, noting our similar coloring and personalities, would assume she was my own biological daughter. On closer inspection, her hair had more of a natural curl than mine, and the color was just a touch darker, like honey, and her eyes were also a touch more sapphire. But such minor differences do happen with children.” *sigh*


[^X] “What we told these people was that she was in fact my niece, and that Louis was her biological father; tragically widowed when his wife


(my younger sister) died in childbirth. It was a narrative that threaded the three of us together naturally; in being a part of their lives, I was also honoring my ‘sister.’”

“We believed in this ardently, Claudia would tell it herself, adding her own embellishments.“

Hey so I was going through your blog (which I LOVE btw) and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire? Idk, with all the talk about tattoos and everything else, just got me wondering about more bodily stuff. Thanks and really love everything you post!

Omg your url, lol. Thank u for the blog lurve! ❤ 


[…and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire?]

Lestat does have a dream about going back to the Auvergne and turning his whole family into vampires, infants included D-: Other than that, no other mention in canon and not in any interview or book signing I’ve heard of. Maybe my followers know? Interesting question!

My thoughts on it under the cut in case of too gorey for some ppl. But in short, I don’t think that the baby would become a vampire, bc it REALLY couldn’t fend for itself. Claudia was a child but at least she could had mental capacity, could talk, was ambulatory, and had teeth that could be transformed into fangs.

(I don’t think I’ve seen any vampire babies in any other media EXCEPT for the one in Twilight, she had rapid growth or smtg? It was confusing.)

Hit the jump for more, possibly squicky thoughts, but no graphics.

I’d think that any unborn child would be, sadly, dumped along with the other organs and materials the new fledgling doesn’t need or can’t use as a vampire. Even if the mortal is turned before giving birth past/on their due date. If the infant survived that forcible removal, I think it would either (A) still be mortal or (B) die… bc I think the mortal has to be at some level of development for the vampiric parasite to take hold. 

Maybe that’s why we don’t have vampire dogs/cats/etc., bc whatever parts they’re missing, an infant would be missing those, too. A brain development thing maybe? I don’t know!

Question for admin: what VC books do you personally consider canon?

(sorry for the delay in reply!)

I’m pretty flexible with canon. A fanfic might choose to disregard everything after QOTD, and I can accept that when I’m reading that fic, or there could be fanart of stuff from PLROA and I can accept that at that time.

I think a fan should at least give every book in the series a chance, you don’t have to force yourself to finish every book, but to crack them open, just give them a chance. Bc I think there’s something of value in every single one of them!


I’ve read them all and I gotta say that if you don’t take them too seriously, it’s worth the effort. But then, I am pretty forgiving and I can do headcanon gymnastics for fun to explain stuff I don’t like, or treat it as AU.

Originally, I was cutting canon off at TVA, but then, a fanfic came along that required Merrick to be canon, and I was pretty floored by the fic. Among other things, it opened up options for L/L that weren’t possible before. 

The tricky thing, too, is that AR herself has said that she herself doesn’t think the hybrid Mayfair/VC novels “wore well over time,” so she disregards them and asks us to do so, as well. I know there are ppl who loved BF and BC, so hey, more power to them, but those events aren’t mentioned in PL/ROA so, you can disregard those books if you choose to do so. 


In the most general way tho, just in my own headcanon, I accept everything except BF, BC, PL/ROA. Those 4 are AU fanfic to me, except for select elements. 

So basically I look at all of canon as a buffet, and I pick and choose what I want to accept, bc even in the most weird/problematic/(or, what we used to call “cracky”) of the books, there are some good moments/lines that I enjoyed!



On the whole pronunciation of Lestat (LestAHt vs Lesaught) my theory is that it’s both. If we accept Lestat’s story from Blackwood Farm that his parents made up his name from the first letters of his brothers’ names, then maybe they never came up with an exact way to pronounce it. Maybe Gabrielle always called him by one, while his father would use the other. This has led to Lestat changing up they way he introduces himself for 250 years.

//or maybe they just called him “you” since their relationship wasn’t too… affective

^Ya, I like all this. I don’t LOVE Blackwood Farm but that explanation is as good as any. I’m sure his family called him all kinds of bad stuff including purposely


his name sound bad, and yes, maybe they never came up with a specific way to pronounce it. I think part of his self-deprecation comes from getting so little affection in his formative years, and not even having a consistently pronounced name is pretty mean ;A;

Anyone can pronounce his name however they want, I think he would be pretty chill about that. Especially considering that people have native accents that affect their pronunciation of words anyway, given how much international travel/business/etc. he does, I don’t think he’d be making an issue with every single person he encounters about the pronunciation of his name.

AR had intended to write his name as “Lestan” after her husband “Stan” + the French word for “the” which is “Le” when preceding masculine words. She’s said that “Lestat” was a typo that she ended up liking. 

ANYWAY, since “Stan” is pronounced like “stand” and not “ton” my preference is to go with the ‘a’ of Lestat as like “stand” or “cat.” I kinda feel like AR’s whole obsession with pronouncing it like “Les-TOT” is another way she divides the “real fans” from the rest of the fans; if you don’t pronounce it her preferred way then you’re not really talking about HER character. But that’s just a theory.

I headcanon that Lestat likes nicknames based on his name, especially “’Stat,” a medical term: “Stat, used as a directive to medical personnel during in an emergency situation, is from the Latin word statim, which means “instantly” or “immediately.”” [X]



Someone has a sweet tooth fang.

Hello! How are you? Are you well? I hope so ^-^. Anyway, I’m curious what are your headcanons on Louis having a living lineage? Could his family still be thriving through his sister’s bloodline? If it is possible that he does have a line and is aware of it. Do you think he’d be a secret patron to them, like he was to his family when he was newly turned? Thank You! Sorry for the spam of questions! Have an amazing week! :D <3

Bon soir to you, thank you (I need this week to be amazing bc it’s my first 5-day week at work in awhile, bc of the holidays and the snow day last week, omg it’s gonna be rough, lol), I’m very well! Hope you are, too, and that 2018 is treating you well, so far. I’m stretching my creative muscles again, making promises to ppl about fanworks I have in the pipeline that are ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. Yissss. 2018 is going to be a more productive year  ^_______^

(No worries re: the spam of questions, I’m going to treat them as one mushed-together question, hope that’s ok with you!)

Louis having a living lineage and

being a patron to it is entirely possible! Do I personally headcanon that he does, definitively? That’s hard to say… I could go either way on it. I can parallel-headcanon, and have it both ways 😉 It depends on the fanfic/fanart/etc. I’m consuming, whether I headcanon yes/no on that.


A) On the one hand, I think he’d be charmed by seeing his own mannerisms (or that of his immediate family!) in his descendants, as can happen. ❤

I know I’ve seen at least one fic that had Louis discover a great-great-great….(idk how many?)…grand-niece in NOLA, and even being just a child, she resembled Louis physically and/or psychologically, and he was deeply touched about that *u* I don’t remember whether he became a secret patron to her… I think the fic was by @gairid​/ @vampchronfic​, if that ficwriter sees this post, they are invited to reblog/comment the name of the fic! It was sweet without being pure fluff. 

B) On the other hand, I think Louis might take some comfort in the fact that he no longer has a family to support financially or emotionally, and no family to worry about from a distance, 

…which Maharet has made a career of doing with her own family bc she enjoys it. Louis is fiercely devoted to and protective of those he loves, and he chooses those loved ones very selectively. Canonically (post-IWTV), he has few ties to the other vampires in the coven, and no mortal ties other than Merrick, but she bewitched him, and admitted to doing so, so I don’t think that she really counts. If we include PL/ROA, then one could argue he has an attachment to some of the mortals in those books, including Rose.

Another thing that’s come up in canon now and then is the idea that mortal relatives/descendants can be used to try to blackmail the vampires; mortals can be taken hostage and threatened with violence unless ransom of some kind is paid for them, as happened in PL. So I think Louis would be relieved that he wasn’t unintentionally placing any innocent mortals in harm’s way simply for being related to him. 

^^^ALL THAT SAID, we could always use fresh fanart/fanfic/etc., especially on this kind of rarer topic, so anyone who sees this post is invited to share their headcanons on it, too 😉

Hit the jump for just a little bit more.

Canonically, Louis tells us that his sister married, and yes, he did give her money to invest for the family:

“My sister was married in my absence, for example, while I had a `malarial

…With dozens of miserable headaches I would receive my sister in a darkened bedroom, the covers up to my chin, bid her and her husband
bear with the dim light on account of the pain in my eyes, as I entrusted to them large amounts of money to invest for us all. Fortunately her husband was an idiot; a harmless one, but an idiot, the product of four generations of marriages between first cousins.”

I skimmed IWTV and I didn’t see any mention of his sister having any children. 

I don’t know why AR included that the husband was the result of an incestuous lineage, that may have been normal at the time? I don’t know what impact AR intended that information to have on the story. Maybe just that the husband never questioned Louis’ strange behavior re: meetings in his darkened bedroom bc he was, as Louis said, “an idiot”? Maybe this was a little reminder of Louis’s ego, that he felt he was a better man than his sister’s husband? 

BTW, Louis’s sister has a fanon name, some fans have accepted it as fanon anyway, Henriette. 

Personally, I do headcanon that Louis has at least a few mortal friends in NOLA and San Francisco, like a particular barista at a coffee shop he haunts in the French Quarter, and a few other locals who have done work at Rue Royale over the years. @gairid​/ @vampchronfic​ also has an OC, Brian Callahan, who I think Louis cares very deeply about ❤

What do you think the coven does on New Years?

Some years they stay together, if they’ve gathered for the holidays leading up to New Year’s Eve, I would think at someone’s home that can accommodate a large group or they rent a house somewhere. Whoever is hosting sends out the fanciest invitations, each year the current host tries to one-up the previous year’s card 😉

I’d imagine a gathering would look smtg like this, black-tie affair at times (but they’d bring casual clothes, too):


[^X Henry Patrick Raleigh (1880–1944)]

And they do the stuff they normally do when they gather:

  • Coven Game Night where some fool challenges Louis to cards and gets their ass handed back to them, even if/when they attempt to cheat
  • exchanging gifts – Daniel and Lestat compete in giving the best gag gifts. 
  • there’s teasing each other about all the VC books, from the oldest to the most recent “So that ghostwriter of yours-” “DON’T YOU START WITH ME, ARMAND.”
  • Sharing pics they’ve taken from their year’s travels
  • Watching movies together in fancy screening rooms with couches, blankets, and pillows
  • improvised jam sessions for the musicians in the group
  • artsy sessions for the artistic ones in the group, although they do invite everyone, and Gabrielle has done a few gorgeous fingerpaintings that Lestat treasures
  • dancing to the improvised music or someone DJ’ing recorded music
  • BONFIRE and/or FIREWORKS (outside tho!)
  • Inviting very special mortal friends over for “drinks,” wherein the mortals are aware and consent to get drunk and then share 😉
  • marriage counseling (come on, cabin fever sets in and at least one pairing gets into a fight every time).
  • shameless flirting (sometimes causes the fighting that needs marriage counseling)

Other years, they go their separate ways and celebrate NYE on their home territory, or in smaller groupings.