I dOn’t know why everyone thinks your so great. YOU’Re FAKE. You say nice things but you don’t MEAN them. andthe whole ”only one thread answer a week” is fucking sTUPID, that’s NOT how you RP. You’r an ignorant fuck, a muse hog, and a piece of shit roleplayer.


image – {{ Sticks and stones babe. Don’t get me wrong, it stung. But I Don’t need your approval. But thanks for the feedback. I’ll take what you said to heart. then toss it in a volcano. }} –

I don’t know what started this exchange, and sometimes there is no rational way to deal with anon hate, but I think villaxns is responding so well!

Can I just:

  • Muse hog? What, like there’s a limit to the number of muns who can RP canon characters? Or is it a limit to the number of muses any one mun can portray? That makes sense, most authors can only handle 1 character at a time, right?! Puh-lease.
  • Let me know where the muse # limit is posted so I can start informing the extra Lestats to quit effective immediately.
  • Further, how do you know which extra RPers to cut? Oh! The ones that don’t respond quickly enough! Because quality RP is in SPEED and efficiency! We’re racing against the clock here, babycakes!
  • What’s wrong with saying nice things? How do you know that mun doesn’t also MEAN them? You might try saying nice things, anon, even if you don’t mean them. Could start to feel more natural, with practice ;] 

MOST importantly: if you don’t like a blog, UNFOLLOW IT. It’s that easy.


Lestat here. I want to answer this question from Amanda Rice: Lestat, is it hard for you to watch humankind tear each other apart over social issues such as marriage equality or freedom of religion? After living so long, I am sure you realize that most of the fighting between us mortals is absurd and pointless, but I am curious to know what you make of all of it? Do you think humans will ever learn to do better?—- Amanda, you’re assuming we vampires, due to our long lives, are somehow emotionally and morally superior to humans and wiser than humans. I’m not so sure that we are. We are after all monsters with human brains and human hearts. We engage in a lot of struggle ourselves that is “absurd and pointless.” —- Actually when I witness humans struggling over social issues and religion, I marvel at their courage and stamina and determination to live meaningful, fruitful and compassionate lives. I marvel at their patience as they struggle to persuade others through reason and reasonable argument, rather than violence. And yes, over the centuries, humans, in my opinion, are certainly doing “better.” They are making great progress, particularly in the West, towards maintaining a secular humanist society in which no blood is shed over race, color, or creed. This is historically remarkable. I can understand your frustration, Amanda. But history, as I’ve lived it, supports a steady advance in human rights in the West that is not only inspiring, but beyond the wildest dreams of those born when I was born. Thanks for a marvelous question.


Lestat here. And this time, I’m going to answer two questions. The first is from Bridgett Davenport: “Lestat, excluding vampires, who is the most interesting non-human you have met?” —- I would say the ghost of Roger whom I encountered in “Memnoch the Devil.” Roger was the first of my victims and maybe my only victim ever to come back from the dead to talk to me in ghostly form. He terrified me (temporarily anyway), and fascinated me. This was my first real experience with ghosts and how ghost “incarnate.” I don’t want to think of any of my other victims coming back to haunt me, ever. I have come to no first conclusions as to what Roger’s visitation actually meant. —- Second Question: From Elise Miller: “Lestat, you’ve seen so much and lived through so many years of human turmoil, does the current state of humanity irk you, or do you pay little attention to it?” — It’s the opposite, Elise. I’m in awe of the current state of humanity, the inventiveness, the imagination, the technological knowledge, the artistic fertility, and the huge areas of the globe that are at peace. I’m more than ever optimistic about the future of humankind, and all the more sad that I can witness human progress but never be part of it. But I’m an optimist by nature, I must admit. I’m profoundly grateful that I’m able to watch all this from the sidelines, and glory in the new music, the new art, the new humanistic philosophies being developed all the time.

Another QUESTION FOR LESTAT answered

Lestat here: I want to answer this question from Minerva Gonzales: “Lestat, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

My answer is: No and Yes. There is no real Devil, as far as I know, he’s strictly a metaphor, a concept, an idea. (Memnoch was most certainly not the Devil, as he claimed to be). So no, I’ve never danced in the pale moonlight with the literal Devil, because there is no such person, but yes, I have danced in the pale moonlight with the metaphor many a time. And it is a shifting and tricky metaphor. We tend to romanticize the Devil as the ultimate rebel, to make jokes about him, declare sympathy for him, etc. but what do we mean when we talk about him that way? Do we see him as rebelling against goodness – or against a corrupt religious system that actually epitomizes evil? I tend to think it’s the latter. And yes, I’ve danced with the spirit of rebellion, and I’ve shaken my fist at the heavens while dancing with him, and I’ve enjoyed it, and gloried in it, and for me it was always a rebellion against corruption and evil, against all systems that I feel are deeply and grievously unfair. Thanks, Minerva, and I hope my answer doesn’t disappoint.


So this production still of Lestat appears to have been taken at the Pointe du Lac cemetery… why do I care, Idek!! But then, Lestat’s wearing the shirt from the “You. Are. A. KILLER. LOUIS!” scene… at any rate, that setup led to the shot that eventually became part of the film poster.

However, the scene of Claudia and Louis at that bench wasn’t in the film. What I would give for cut scenes…. siiighhh…