I just rediscovered how glorious this image is so excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably every time I look at it again.

It was taken in Kensal Green Cemetery in February.

Terry borrowed the white jacket from our editor, Malcolm Edwards, and grumbled that it did nothing to keep him warm on a very cold day.

“Sometimes you have to be cold to look cool,” I told him.

“It’s all right for you,” he said. “You’re wearing a leather jacket.”

“You could wear a leather jacket too.”

“I’m wearing white,” said Terry, pointedly. “That way, when they come after us for writing a blasphemous book, they’ll know I’m the nice one.”

(After the photo was taken we noticed the bat-winged hourglass, which we hadn’t seen during the photo session, and requested bat-winged hourglasses as a design motif in the book.)

I should add that we already had winged hourglasses all the way through the book. We just has them change the wings from bird to bat.



Ezra Miller by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine, November 2017

Ah, Louis. I have claustrophobia as well. So instead I sleep in a moselieum.

♠I no longer have the issue with enclosed spaces as I once did, it was a vestigial fear from my past, but one of the things that helped me at that time was focusing on something else, even a small object like a ring or buttons could help reduce my anxiety. 

Mausoleums can vary greatly in size, but the ones I am most familiar with are the small structures we had in New Orleans where members of my family are buried. The angel statue here was my mother’s idea, she always adored angels. 


So this production still of Lestat appears to have been taken at the Pointe du Lac cemetery… why do I care, Idek!! But then, Lestat’s wearing the shirt from the “You. Are. A. KILLER. LOUIS!” scene… at any rate, that setup led to the shot that eventually became part of the film poster.

However, the scene of Claudia and Louis at that bench wasn’t in the film. What I would give for cut scenes…. siiighhh… 


Pointe du Lac cemetery. Comparing the final set design to the concept art by Dante Ferretti.