i am a huuuge fan of your Louis! question: how much do you plot out with the other muns for the long prose threads like “to Suffer Together” ? Like, do you agree on the action and dialogue first before drafting, and/or send eachother a draft of your response before posting?


ooc; Thank you so much!  I can’t speak for everyone of course, but for myself, no, that much plotting doesn’t usually go into it.  With that thread with primusdux, we’d just decided to do a catatonic-post-Memnoch thread and go from there.  Some threads are even more spontaneous, ie the mortal!Louis thread I have going with gorgeous-fiend, which we didn’t plot out in general and just happened.

Every now and then a thread will come up where further plot is discussed prior to it happening (generally with a character that’s obviously much stronger than Louis and might bring him harm; which I generally give the other RPer permission to do whatever because I love torturing characters I love), but I tend to usually just go with the flow.  I’ve not sent my replies to people prior to posting them and haven’t honestly had anyone do that to me either.