primusdux | 1994

Green eyes took in the sight of the other, a slow rising and falling of Lestat’s chest the only movement the other had exhibited in nearly a week now.  Blue eyes stared forward, but they were soulless pits, terrifyingly vacant to the point of which Louis felt he could have drowned within them.  It disturbed him greatly to gaze into them, and yet it felt fitting punishment that he do so.

Head upon Lestat’s shoulder and fingers coming through tangles in the other’s golden locks of hair, he began to speak to him as he had every night, words in hushed French.  “I love you.  I am sorry.  I miss you.  I cannot watch you fade away any longer.  Come back.”


“I’ve know primusdux ’s writer for quite some time now and I love love love them. Easily one of the sweetest and kindest individuals that you will ever encounter on this website. Not only are her character portrayals brilliant and her threads a joy to read – she is such a joy to speak to outside of character. I’m so so honoured to call her my friend and I can tell that will last for quite awhile! Lots of loave, girl! ;)”









Louis Throwing a Harpsichord at Lestat Who Has Done Nothing Wrong.
Lestat De Lioncourt.

Digital Painting on Yellow Pad. 7mx5m


So, I am Satan now in your drawings.

When you are throwing a harpsichord at me for doing absolutely nothing wrong? Yes.

I have never thrown a harpsichord at you.

I draw what I see Louis. That’s all I’m going to say.

When did you see me throw a harpsichord? Did I do it in my sleep while unaware?

No, you did it in one of your fits of rage. I’ve told you, you do terrible things, but your memory blocks them out. The things I put up with, people. 

I see.



What a journey. I have finally finished Prince Lestat and I am pleasantly surprised. Fully intending to hate every moment of it, I have to say, it was a heck of a lot better than I was expecting. 
Lestat was his true self on so many occasions which made me incredibly happy. Granted, there were many times when he was not and that did irritate me but the moments where he was himself were a real delight. There were parts that definitely could have been better, but I was quietly surprised by how emotional I became at times. 

Very well-put! I totally agree, and that’s why I can’t simply toss the whole book out for its ooc moments/plot/etc.. There were some gems in there for sure, and I like following the fanworks, RP, discussion, etc., it continues to generate.

[Read More is spoilery]

The loss of Maharet and Khayman hit me hard and in fact I almost stopped reading altogether at that point. (thanks to antoineandthepiano for encouraging me to continue!) I will freely admit that I cried at that unexpected loss and though I am not exactly sure yet how I am going to treat this. I am interested in roleplaying the events of Prince Lestat and after, so I am going to have to decide on this. If anyone would like to come and speak with me about it, that would be wonderful!

And I have to speak on the final chapter; Louis’ chapter. I loved this part and, despite the frustration I often experience with Anne’s writing, I really thought this was a master stroke. It was the perfect way to end this book and it left me so pleased, knowing that he was finally happy in himself. 
So, with that done, I am now very keen to roleplay anything and everything from these books and rather excited for the coming release of the next one in the series. I can only hope that it is as good as this one has been.

Thoughts Before Dawn.


The dawn comes. 

I can feel it prying at the heavy curtains. The light cannot get in, but some semblance of it still snatches at my mind with dirty claws. 

I want a dog again. I don’t know what kind, but I miss the majesty and protection of Mojo.

Perhaps I will travel soon… or dream now.

Will I see mother soon?

Will the world forgive my arrogance….