For once in my life Louis, (no, I’m not asking you, Lestat.) I need advice on my love life. I have four men (3?) Pursuing me. And the one I like sends me into a sea of counfusion. His part of him acts intrigued and the other despises me.


♠ “I haven’t had the vast experience that Lestat has had,” Louis says as he types. A distant “Hey!” is heard in the background, somewhat muffled by the TV. “I heard that!”

Louis turns back to the screen and continues: “I have, however, had more long-term relationship experience than he has. I can tell you that you do not want to be with anyone who openly despises you, or plays at doing so as if it was a game.” He looks up, considering, before resuming: “There have been times when I thought Lestat truly despised me, but if that were so, he would have left me long ago. His anger was due to his frustration with the invisible wall between us, the forced secrecy, and the relative slowness of my adaptation to my nature, whereas he had been all alone and taken to it so easily. Long after that, there were other times that I needn’t mention.”

“We began poorly. We know. What has kept us together is the kernel we each saw in the other of a similar tenacity for life. Despite anything I said or did, he knew I had a will that refused to surrender to Death, even to him. We were also powerfully intrigued by each other.” 

“You needn’t choose one of these suitors immediately. Do not place the entirety of the responsibility of your happiness in someone else’s hands. Your lover should support you in your own pursuits, should be altogether intrigued by you, and you should be supportive and intrigued by him.” Lestat approaches, and slumps beside Louis on the couch, reading over the response. 

“Don’t tell the person ‘should,’ don’t make it into dull requirements.” Lestat huffs, snaking an arm around his shoulders and drawing him close.

“Those are important elements, no?”

“It will happen naturally, if they are with someone who loves them.” Lestat says, drawing Louis in tighter.

“That’s so.”

“See, I have excellent advice. They should have asked me! Such ‘vast experience.’ A model lover.” Lestat plants a chaste kiss on his temple.

“When you follow your own advice, yes, you are.” Louis smirks.

“Am I not supporting you right now?” Lestat has managed to bring Louis entirely into his lap, gesturing at their position.

“You are indeed. Are you also intrigued by me?” 

“I’m – squished.” 

“I’ll have to find some way to intrigue you.”

“Putting away that laptop would be a step in the right direction, mon cher.

*Louis hits Publish, and shuts the laptop*

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