Strange question but.. do people usually expect super super HQ stuff during the VC secret Santa thing? I’m new to the fandom and this will be my first time participating, and although I’ve been writing for years I’m still so nervous because everyone I’ve met in this fandom so far is insanely talented, and I feel like I can’t live up to that. I’m still going to take part but idk, I’ve just been thinking about this a lot lately. Yay for nerves! Also have a lovely day I apologize for this

Hello and welcome to our gift exchange! Not a strange question at all, no need to apologise 😉 Don’t be nervous, it’s all for fun!

I totally get where you’re coming from tho, we are definitely experiencing a surge of talent in the fandom, and it’s been wonderful to see such great response to #InktoberVC! 


(^Claudia would totes join if she could, but she wouldn’t draw anything for the Louis/Armand ship lol)

From what I’ve seen over the years, ppl participating in the @vcsecretgifts exchange are happy to get any gift at all that relates to their prompt 😀 Even the best fanartists and writers talk about needing improvement in their work, and they know that we all have to start somewhere ^______^

Personally, I feel like the concept of a fic can make it great even if the writing style needs improvement, and similarly, I feel like great dialogue in a fan comic can elevate a piece even if the drawing itself needs improvement. I actually prefer to buy commissioned fanart in black & white bc I don’t always feel like a more “finished” look with color is necessarily better. There are some beautiful WIPs that stand up without being “finished”!

It’s all subjective, too, what I think is a “good” drawing or fic and what someone else thinks is “good,” but I prefer to think of all of it as being different styles. Some ppl dislike Jackson Pollock bc they see his art as splatter paint only (and therefore, totally unskilled), some ppl dislike Photorealistic painting for being too much like a photograph, despite the fact that it takes an enormous amount of skill.

We have ppl who participate who are unable to write or draw, but they are music buffs and make excellent playlists of songs for the characters/ships, or there are fans who do aesthetic photo sets, etc. Everyone participating is doing it more for the fun of giving a gift and receiving one, rather than one-upmanship. 

(While some gifts do get more notes/reblogs/comments than others, well, I feel like the only comments that really matter are from the specific recipient, so it’s very important to show gratitude for the gift you’re given no matter what it is! Bc smne made it for you!)

All the gifts on that blog are for all of us; it’s true for me that I’m more likely to actually MAKE a fanwork when there’s a deadline and someone(s) expecting it, so I think that’s what it’s more about ;D

Btw last chance to join! Sign ups close at 11:59 pm CST!

you make all your own graphics and things right? Can you recommend tools/art programs etc that you use? I know photoshop is good but i can’t afford that :/

Graphics that are watermarked w/ my url are mines, I also use other ppl’s graphics/gifs and include the sources*.


I use a legal version of adobe photoshop to manipulate images and compress gifs, and a legal version of premiere to make video edits and pull footage for gifs. 

I don’t know of free programs to recc, ppl can feel free to reblog/comment w/ suggestions on that. I’m wary of freeware bc viruses ;A;

Sorry I can’t be of any direct help on that 😛

I didn’t watermark the images above bc they’re both screencaps, even though I did some manipulation to Claudia’s drawing to flip it and take her hand out. I decide whether to watermark based on how much I’m adding to it and/or how potentially offensive it is, so when it’s not edited very much or it’s pushing the envelope of offense, I don’t watermark it. 

*If all I’m doing is taking a gif someone else made from the movie and brightening it I usually don’t watermark or source it. The reason I don’t source those is that I am adding something to them, but since it’s just frames from the movie, it doesn’t really belong to either of us. 

Hello and happy halloween for you! :) I was wondering if you could point me to vampire chronicles’ fanart blogs, where I can submit what I do? Also, it would be great to know other VC artists! Thank you very much, I hope you have a great weekend <3

Thank you, Happy Halloween to you, as well ^_______^


[^Is that anime?]

In one sense you came to the right place, as this blog accepts submitted VC fanart… so far I’ve posted anything submitted, but I gotta say, the amount of notes on a post are NOT the only measure of good fanart! It can be very subjective. 

I admit that I am very selective about the fanart I reblog, it has to be well-drawn/rendered or funny. Both is good, too! 

Like this blog, @vampire-chronicles-appreciation​ also reblogs VC fanart.

But to answer your question specifically, unfortunately I don’t know of any specifically VC fanart blogs where ppl are encouraged to submit their fanart. 

We have many fanartists in the fandom who draw their own art, other fandom fanart, or primarily VC fanart on their own blogs and they tag the VC stuff as #vc, #vampire chronicles, #the vampire chronicles, #iwtv, #interview with the vampire, or whichever character(s) is/are in it, and people who track those tags will find those posts! So that’s one way you can do it on your own blog.

If you want to find a pile of VC fanart posts, try my #fanart tag, and #vc fandom hunters. After almost 2.5 years, there’s a ton of fanart! Some of it’s from outside Tumblrland, some fanart is other vampire media, some blogs may be inactive by now, but at least I’ve got a good chunk of VC fanart saved for ya ;D


Claudia’s charcoal portfolio. Notice how she signs simply “C.” (Wish I knew who drew these so I can credit properly! Probably Dante Ferretti.)