Interview with the Vampire ➤ Color Palettes  (Part 1 here)



Interview with the Vampire ➤ Color Palettes 

Hello, mon cher! It is I, Michaela (lixncourt!) and I was wondering if you knew if there were any specific screenshots of that gorgeous silvery-black robe Stephen wore in the film’s crypt scenes. I’ve been trying to find pictures for fan art purposes, but can’t seem to locate them! (And also, I wish you good health and happiness!)

Bonjour Michaela/@lixncourt~* Wishes received and appreciated, I wish you good health and happiness, too!

What an obscure question! I’m impressed. We see this silvery-black robe for like 20 seconds when he’s confronting Louis’ narration, “How did you wrong him? You said a name…”  

That WAS a gorgeous silvery black robe, indeed. I’m guessing it was crushed velvet, you can see in the production stills below that it’s got “tracks” cut into it, so idk what fabric would do that, but it doesn’t look like a print to me.

@vinceaddams and @sanguinivora are costume ppl, they might know better what this is… I bet there were more scenes with Santiago in that robe, too, the full “trial” for Louis and Claudia under the theatre! but they were probably cut for time.


I also took a screenshot for you, and even though I tried to brighten it up, as it was a pretty dark scene, I don’t have the BluRay, it’s not the best quality 😛 Maybe someone has a better screencap.


One thing that I wish they did in the movie of IWTV was to provide more info on Louis’ wife. The way Louis grieved over her and his child’s death makes you think he really must have loved her and was looking forward to being a father. Imagining Louis preparing for his child with his wife makes me happy but then imagining him devastated when they died makes me sad. Poor Louis.

Yes, exactly ;A; I headcanon that Louis had this statue made in her likeness, I would think he was wealthy enough to do that, buuuuut it might also just be a generic angel statue…


Pretty sure the portrait Louis burns when burning down Pointe du Lac is of his wife, sort of like, a “Darling, I can’t live without you any longer, I’m on my way, I’ll see you soon…” gesture ;A;


I think they just didn’t have enough time to give us more, the movie is 2 hours long, and in 1994, I seem to remember movies being more in the 1.5 hour range. 

But in the script, we get her name, age (28), and the name of the child, at least:


^BTW, I think the wife’s name is “Dianne” bc HELLO “Anne” Rice. “Die, Anne”? Maybe?



Lestat de lioncourt – interview with the vampire (1994)

I’m going to be living in the french quarter for a week in march for work – any recs on places i should visit etc?

Yes! A whole week is plenty of time to wedge in VC location visits around the work-related stuff ;D

FYI in my list, I have things in the French Quarter, the Garden District (you can take the streetcar to get there, or walk, if you have the time/interest, it’s 2.5 miles away), and then outside the city are swamp tours (which I really want to do next time I visit) and the plantation houses (Pointe du Lac!).

These aren’t in any geographical order, just the order I’m thinking of them:

+ Gallier House – A must-visit, this is the flat AR based Rue Royale on. They give tours bc it’s a historical site. It’s not expensive, book in advance. They also have a gift shop and I got a nice necklace there. 


^My estimation of the room assignments bc reasons. Re: “slave quarters,” that’s unfortunately part of the history of that building 😛 but I think by the time L/L were there, those rooms were used for storage bc there’s little closet space in the living quarters, and the maids they hire don’t live with them.

Note: @gairid considers the flat across the street (1127) to be the true home of L/L bc the balcony is much more verdant, and you know Lestat would have all kinds of flora on their balcony! It’s a private residence, though.

+ Oak Alley Plantation – this was used for Pointe du Lac plantation in the movie. It’s a ways away, like 45 min outside NOLA?  Maybe more, but worth the trip! You can pay for the bus tickets and tour package, get there and wander around, there’s food and historical info, highly recommend. Allegedly, Brad Pitt still visits and he stays in one of the guest houses.


Note: They also filmed at neighboring Destrehan Plantation, but I haven’t been there, idk if it’s worth going.

+ Madame John’s Legacy

632 Dumaine St, this is the scene in which a family’s worth of coffins are carried out; Lestat & Claudia had been so gluttonous. This building is sometimes open to the public, the last time I was there they had a cool ceramics exhibition.


+ Jackson Square – mentioned in canon pretty often, you can’t really go to NOLA and not visit.

+ The Cabildo at Jackson Square – I didn’t go in, I think you can. This is where Lestat watches Claudia kill, that same gate is there, you can go hang out in front of it and pretend to watch your vampire daughter kill a victim.



Court of Two Sisters

613 Royal St, I really enjoyed the Sunday brunch, there’s a cute little courtyard with fountains, and live music sometimes. They had this oreo pie that like… dangerous

+ Cafe Du Monde – mentioned in canon, they serve like 2 things, beignets and coffee (nothing super fancy), very affordable, and are almost always crowded, but totally worth it. If you go around the back there’s a window where you can see them making the beignets!

+ Arnaud’s – very good restaurant in the French Quarter

+ Port of Call – 838 Esplanade Ave, stardustschild, I see in your profile that you’re not over 21, but for OTHER ppl reading this post, this is a good place for a go-cup drink ~$10, it’s large and 1 is enough to catch a good buzz.

+ NAPOLEON HOUSE – Muffalettas, po’ boys & other Creole staples in a circa-1914 house with a palm-filled courtyard. @gairid recs the SAZERAC (for the 21+ people reading this post, not you, stardustchild) here.

+ French Market – that’s a pretty standard suggestion so I have to include it but I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal. 

+ Trashy Diva clothing boutique – 

537 Royal St, they have a few locations. I got a great little black velvet jacket here!

+ 2301 and


St. Charles Ave, Garden District

– AR’s childhood homes

– (Not a location really) 1233 COLISEUM ST. – where the Coliseum theatre was in the scene when Louis goes to the movies, it burned down ;A; But that neighborhood is kind of fun to walk around and just look at the nice houses on your way to Lafayette Cemetery. 


+ Commander’s Palace, Garden District

– good restaurant but pricey. I had an elder flower liqueur cocktail that was pretty special there. This restaurant is a favorite of the Mayfair family.


+ 1239 First Street, Garden District – This historic property was for many years Anne Rice’s primary residence. 

+ Mayfair house

, Garden District

 3711 St Charles Ave. Not really as crucial on my own list of locations but still.  @cloudsinvenice had posted: “Anne Rice’s former New Orleans home is back on the market again, as per this article, from which I’ve selected some photos. This is the house that inspired the Mayfair witches’ haunted family home…”


+ Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, Garden District

mentioned in canon, free but only open during daylight hours tho!


St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 – There are tours and I think Nicolas Cage’s very weird pyramid tomb is there, he’s paid for it, and that’s where he plans to be when he’s shuffled off this mortal coil…

+ Bourbon French Parfums

805 Royal St. bc Louis was all about the jasmine and stuff, they have great sets of perfumes and their own concoctions.

+ DeVille Coffee House & Creperie – 2045 Magazine St, I just really like their crepe suzettes ❤

+ New Orleans Pharmacy Museum – I didn’t get to go here but it was on my list. I think it’s like $5 to go.

+ Marie Leveau’s Grave and Voodoo Shop – has cool stuff, like coffin nails!

+ Boutique du Vampyre – 709 ½ St. Anne Street, IIRC I got a cool poison ring here, they have vampiry wares.

… A few additions!

@nixsrebellionoflies​ added: 
may i add that you can go into port of call if youre not 21 and over? they have great burgers and a very interesting aesthetic. you might have to wait a while tho to get in

^Thanks for that! I haven’t tried their burgers myself, now I have to be sure to put that on my list for my next trip 😉

@jeezycreezysuperstar​ added:
Some of the cemeteries are now only open to the public via tour group, just fyi

^RIGHT I forgot about that, it’s a relatively recent rule, within the last few years I think? Partly bc of the vandalism that was happening, and offerings/graffiti on some of the famous tombs like Marie Laveau’s Tomb. But do take a tour if you have the time/money/interest, bc they are informative and spoopy.

How do I make a character’s death really sad? (For a VC fic.) (-Memnoch, The Devil.)

I think there are many ways to make a character’s death really sad, and bc we can all have different feelings about a given character, any individual reader will be very sad about the death, when another reader might be totally indifferent (or even glad!). I’ve only written fanfic myself, and I know what makes me sad when I read/write character death, that’s about as informed as I am on the topic, DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional writer and this is not professional advice.

💀 Some things that come to mind re: making a character’s death really sad: 💀

  1. How they die, 
  2. How preventable their death was, 
  3. How other characters feel their loss and/or the loss of their potential, 
  4. And how much that character meant to the reader/audience, did they like the character?

I don’t know what specifically you’re doing in the Memnoch timeline… I won’t use any examples of deaths from that book in case of spoilers (Idk sometimes I’m more respectful about spoiling ppl than other times *shrugs*)

In IWTV, it was a very sad death when Claudia died. It’s portrayed differently in the book(s) and the movie, but I’m just going to address it re: the points above generally and drawing from both.

1. She died by sunlight exposure and it seemed extremely painful. 

Louis would not have seen it, so he can’t describe the moment of her death in the book, but it’s shown in the movie. Leading up to the death, the tension builds and builds, all these moments where Louis, Claudia and Madeleine are hoping for Armand (or some other deux ex machina) to swoop in and save them all. It doesn’t happen. Probably one of the last shreds of hope they had was when the troupe pull Louis and Claudia apart, from that point on, he can no longer protect her ;A; 

As it was so painfully underscored in Claudia’s Story, the last name Claudia hears Louis call for is “Armand,” bc calling her name won’t do them any good. But to her, it feels like a final betrayal, that he’s calling for Armand bc he cares more about him ;A;


Claudia and Madeleine get locked in the well, and when Claudia sees the sunlight approaching, she’s already starting to cry, trying to wake Madeleine to try to figure out a way out… there is none and then they can only brace themselves bc there IS NO ESCAPE ;A;!! The acceptance of their own deaths is part of the tragedy.

It’s a pretty universally nightmarish situation, even though sunlight is not fatal for ppl (most, anyway), but we can all relate to the experience. It’s like being pushed onto subway tracks and not being able to escape in time ;A;


2. Her death was a failure in diplomacy, basically. The Theatre des Vampires, led by Santiago, held a kangaroo court (although they may have felt that they were within their rights) in which they found Claudia guilty of attempted murder of her maker, and decided to punish her with the death penalty. 

Louis tried to protect her from it as best he could, he tried to make a deal to save her life, but failed. In the book:

“ `Listen to me, Lestat,’ I began now. `You let her go, you free her… and I will… I’ll return to you,’ I said, the words sounding hollow, metallic.

3. It kills a part of Louis when Claudia dies. His immediate reaction is extremely sad (not even factoring in the revenge he takes after).


I have a more thorough commentary on this scene here. It’s in this moment that Louis has lost the most precious person, the one who’s told him what to do, someone he could worship and follow, someone who metered out his doses of happiness with her approval. In the movie, he calls her “my child,” Armand tries to correct him: “Your lover,” and Louis compromises with “My beloved.” 

In the book, the next night, Louis finds Lestat clutching Claudia’s bloody dress and sobbing over her death, too. Even though he was the very person who testified against her! Even he could not prevent their “justice.”

“And then I saw the thing in [Lestat’s] hands. I knew what it was. And in an instant I’d ripped it from him and was staring at it, at the fragile silken thing that it was – Claudia’s. His hand rose to his lips, his face turned away. And the soft, subdued sobs broke from him as he sat back while I stared at him, while I stared at the dress. My fingers moved slowly over the tears in it, the stains of blood; my hands closing, trembling as I crushed it against my chest.

Louis was expecting Claudia to go on and live with Madeleine, that he would still be in touch with her and see her occasionally. So that potential continued relationship was destroyed, too ;A; 

4. What did Claudia mean to the audience/reader… 


I know I sympathized with her and very much enjoyed her overall, and I like to think that other readers/viewers agreed, and don’t totally blame her for her actions against Lestat… after all, she was a victim herself. Lestat doesn’t blame her when he speaks of her in canon. We saw the love they both had for her ❤


Is that enough to convince the readers/audience to care enough for her that her death is sad for them? All those factors help!

~💀I hope that helps, Anon! Now make us cry!💀~

Do you know any blogs that rp as louis

It’s a touchy subject, recommending blogs, as inevitably I’ll leave someone out and then they may feel, well, LEFT OUT :-


(BTW I respond to asks for Louis with ♠ in the #louis muse tag, so you can ask him things, but he can’t go on to do full threads)

I don’t follow as many RP blogs as I used to, it was too much to keep up with the various threads, some have gone inactive, new ones have started up… All attempts to make VC directories usually fail.

However, and that said, so you know I’m not playing favorites, there are some I remember by name or saw in the notes for this roundup post, and so I tagged them below, but this is an incomplete list. Let’s make this an Ask Louis and Louis RPer roundup! People Off The Page, reblog/comment with any Ask Louis and Louis RPer blog I left out 😉

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