@twinklerwolf submitted: While shopping for witchcraft supplies I came across this huge ring that for whatever reason reminds me of Lestat. I felt compelled to purchase it as his birthday gift. I will be leaving in a safe place in NOLA when I come down. Until then it shall be stashed way with my witch supplies. Happy birthday Lestat.


There’s a lion on it, it’s a huge gem, and the metal part has some Baroque-ness to it, of course he loves it! On his behalf: Thank you for this thoughtful birthday gift ♥ I’m sure he’ll find wherever you choose to hide it ^_____^

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@parxsisburnixg submitted:

So, I was bored last night on my day off, and I decided to re-watch “IWTV,” just for fun, of course. I remembered how much I fell in love with the costumes by the lovely Sandy Powell, and so, I wanted to design one for her. Hang in there with me on the description, but here goes nothing:

I know, I know— it probably looks too much like the blue one she already wore beside Madeleine in her final hours, but I wanted it to a mirage of blues from dark cerulean to sky-blue. And then just for fun, I swept some Phoera glitter eyeliner over the finished colors for a sparkle effect. On her small cap sleeves and the large sash on her dress in front, there are black beads. I wanted a nice contrast between the colors, so that’s what came out. Well, I haven’t even finished the dress design if I’m honest!

But mostly, I designed this dress for her with the thought of Louis’ quote involved: “We reached the Mediterranean. I wanted those waters to be blue, but they were black, nighttime waters, and how I suffered then, straining to recall the color that in my youth I had taken for granted.”

I dunno why, but it seemed fun to do. Sorry for the monologue, but I just thought it’d be fun to share. I will also do the re-imagining of costumes of other characters!

Wow! It’s lovely, I think Sandy Powell would be pleased, Claudia would adore it. Nice tribute to the quote from the book! The glitter for the glittering waves? Black beads for contrast, the morbid touching on the lively aspects, since they are undead.


@bubbybarns submitted:

Greetings I would like to just share with you something my boyfriend ( @chaoskeepr ) got me for Christmas as I know the fans will appreciate it.

OMG ADORABLE! Lestat de Bearcourt? Bearstat? Look at the details, the fangs, and he even has a little rose! A+++, good work, boyfriend.

Submission from @baroquebat: 

So while snooping around online, I managed to find a Japanese edition of The Vampire Armand and I have never seen anyone post the cover art, which is just gorgeous to me!

There seems to be an alternative cover as well:

I found them on, here are the links in case anyone is eager to import!

First Cover

Second cover 

Also there seems to be other titles of Anne Rice’s work also in a similar retro shoujo style if you look at her author page on It’s a shame that it’s only for the covers, I’d love to read an Armand manga in this style, why does only IWTV to get one, you know?

^Above covers and text submitted by @baroquebat, thank you, much appreciated! I had never seen these before, they’re lovely ❤

>I’d love to read an Armand manga in this style, why does only IWTV to get one, you know?

*nods* Me too! Of course we have our awful graphic novels of the 90′s but whatever…*

IWTV and TVL got the graphic novel treatment in the 90′s, I’m not sure how far up canon those went bc I didn’t really like them 😛 IWTV and TVL only, I think. It seems to me that the publishers are missing out on an incredible financial opportunity. I don’t know the backstory on how the IWTV graphic novel Claudia’s Story got made, but I would think that The Vampire Armand would have to go through a similar approval process.

We do have these, and CS is the best of them, IMO.

Claudia’s Story:






@imcrazyobsessed: here it is!

OMG Lestat would LOVE THIS DRESS! It’s very Dolce & Gabbana, and it was like, MADE FOR YOUR BODY! It’s vampiry and lovely! He would say it looks excellent for dancing and twirling.

Specifics bc FASHION: Lestat would love the gothy and whimsical arrangement of the design and colors, the gold bc GOLD (are those iridescent little beads in the design?! He would love that detailing), the brocade, the transparency of the tulle (right? Tulle? Chiffon? Organza?) but most of all he would love that it shows plenty of skin in a tasteful way. He would probably insist on your wearing a black velvet choker with it, with a little cameo or dangling stone, plus a few rings and/or a bracelet and also that you paint your nails. 

apologies that he’s looking down but this is my old memeything for when he likes things and I am so thrilled for the excuse to dust it off and use it here!

P.S. New submission idea – Ask Lestat or Louis to judge your dress/outfit. Maybe I’ll offer up a few of my own dresses for their judgment… 

@xxxscarletblackxxx submitted: Bonjour, don’t know if you have ever seen this, but it’s the Hungarian cover of IWTV and I think it’s just so pretty I had to share it.^-^

^LOOKIT THIS PPL! I dig it. Looks like it was influenced by movie!IWTV, from that scene where Lestat has to kill TWO ladies since he has such a picky eater for a fledgling… Now I want to hear the title and some VC quotes read aloud in Hungarian… @xxxscarletblackxxx, can you do this for us?