Lestat, will you go shopping with me? I mean Louis is welcome to join. But you would just make things far more interesting , when it comes to shopping.

Mun here, you don’t want to go shopping w/ Lestat.


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Just look how HAPPY Louis is here… it’s //ooc, but whatever it’s adorable. 

Lestat being happy about being slammed against a tree by Louis is perfectly in character, however. He’s fucking THRILLED to get this much physical attention!

You also chose him because of his butt, admit it.

And for his suicidal tendencies.

And let’s not forget his oh so tormented dark soul.

And also because he reminded you of your dead boyfriend although he was much prettier.

……….come to think about it, maybe it’s better to stick to anger and fury.

And the great butt, yeah, that one’s okay. Compliments on great butts always work in the end.

Louis from behind

Lestat Does the Thing: The Series




  1. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Make a Six-Year-Old into a Vampire
  2. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Be Famous
  3. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Wake the Mother of All Vampires and Honeymoon with Her While She Slaughters Thousands
  4. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Be Human While Some Random Dude Takes Your Superman Body for a Spin

#accurate. Notice how this list stops at Tale of the Body Thief bc Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing actually gets so much crackier that it may not be possible to capture in synopsis. I’ll try tho:

Spoilers under the cut…

5. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Go to Heaven and Hell on Job Interview, it’s All Fun and Games until Someone Loses an Eye.

6. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: My Name is Armand and I am a Sex Addict, Etc. Also, Marius Totally Abandoned Me and He Sucks.

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This is so fucking accurate that it hurts. Because you can’t stop laughing and so your belly starts to ache and you can’t breathe and you make unproper noises trying to contain yourself, but you just can’t ‘cause it’s too damn funny.

But, yeah, poor Lestat. Always fucking up things. Well, at least for 3 books he wasn’t the one doing it. This is a comforting thought. He’s still a lost case though.

*cries* ^This kind of reaction is the reason I do this.