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I’m tryna be more… reachy-outative would be the word… especially with ppl like you who are regularly twirling about in my Activity feed, reminding me why I do this, bc ppl love it! As much as I do. Maybe more.

Surprising in the beginning, seeing that ppl still have feels for VC, and I appreciate it more than you know, your sticking with me *u*






♫Put that thing back where it came from or so help me… so help me, so help me♫ – and CUT. We’re still working on it… it’s a work in progress but, hey, we need ushers!

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This is forever my favourite thing on tumblr.

Willow saw her opportunity. Lestat was at his desk writing with the quill pens he so loved to use. ‘ Annoy Lestat scene one.’ She walked up to his desk and stared at him. When he paid her no mind she immediately decided to stretch on the side of his leg, claws unsheathed. It was her favorite way to start annoying the blonde and usually led to her hitting the ground running or sending a silent plea to Danny to be saved. Sometimes she would have to opt for Louis if Daniel wasn’t close.





♛ Lestat was in the middle of signing a stack of checks, making sure each one had his perfect flourish of a signature. Of course, normally, Louis would handle these financial details, but Lestat meant to keep these purchases secret – at least for now – and, as if sent on a mission, Louis’ little minion was here! Lestat could smell Louis’s scent on the animal, she must have enjoyed a recent cuddle. Infuriating.

“Lucky for you that I don’t snack in the house anymore… You mewling quim!” He smirked at himself, pleased at the little pop culture reference that only Daniel, had he been within earshot, would’ve truly appreciated. Lestat merely glanced at her with an arched brow… he rarely attempted to pet Willow. She would toy with him, letting him reach for her, before jumping away. Why did Louis insist on keeping these creatures that clawed at furniture, knocked over porcelain and glassware, and incessantly whined to be let out, only moments later to be heard crying out pitifully at the door begging for reentry??! Their habits were confounding. How Louis drew any love from the little beasts was similarly puzzling. Dogs were simply lovable, cats were an enigma at best. He grunted and attempted to ignore her.

 Willow stared at Lestat for a moment more. ‘Alright, you asked for it.’ She jumped up on the desk, spilling the ink on whatever he’d been writing on. Louis could be heard from the other room. ‘Good. Salvation is close by. Wonder if Harriet is as well?’ The other cat had seemed friendly enough. Willow hadn’t really set a time to pester Lestat; it just happened she was walking by. The blonde vampire looked about to explode at the orange ball staring straight at him now. ‘Do I have your attention?’ she purred.

♛ Ink splashed across all of the checks, effectively ruining them. And the sleeves of his violet Versace shirt. Staring at fingers slicked with black, and sprinkled with cat hair – as if tarred-and-feathered – Lestat trembled with the beginnings of a rage. Oh, this was too much. That conceited little creature… sitting there on the edge of the desk, absently licking her paw and swiping it across her own ear. Was she purposely making eye contact?! It seemed so. 

Willow. You’ve been a very – very – naughty little girl.” Lestat growled, fixing her with a death glare. What to do? Could there be a way to kill her and get away with it? He quickly scanned his memory of the episodes he’d seen of Forensic Files. No animal murders covered. Perhaps he could arrange an accident… for now, he gathered up the ruined papers and stripped his shirt off, balling the whole mess into the bin, contemplating his next move.

The orange tabby watched in glee as Lestat fumed. She loved this game. The stare off had begun and so, in typical cat fashion, she began to bat at the quill pen he’d been using. ’ You don’t need this anymore, do you?’ She thought mischievously, keeping her eyes on him as she knocked it to the floor. Willow was certain that if Lestat wouldn’t anger Louis and Danny by offing her she’d already be on fire. No, he was trying to think of a way to make it look like an accident. His fuse was running short and she could feel it. ‘Your move.’ She wondered if he’d chase her out of the house tonight.

♛Of course she would find the floor a more fitting place for his favorite pen. Of course. It was a gauntlet thrown down; this little orange fluff knew exactly what she was doing and to whom she was doing it to. At that very moment Lestat remembered Daniel’s gift of a spray bottle, to train cats. Lestat had labeled it “Holy Water” and added a number of crosses just for good measure, and potency.

“Get thee behind me, Satan!” Scooping the weapon up gracefully from a side-table, he aimed and fired at will with a gleeful smile of his own.




Sometimes Lestat can only (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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