I just feel like you’d love knowing this but my best purchase ever has been my dvd copy of IWTV

Awww, that’s correct, I do love knowing this! Your bio says you’re a Criminology major, that’s so cool! Now I know who to go to for planning the perfect crime(s).

You didn’t ask for this but here it goes: I was under 17 when movie!IWTV first came out on VHS

(yes I’m that old), I was around 11. I’d read several of the first books, and I wanted that movie BADLY. I coordinated a school friend to get it for me, like contraband, I had to sneak that VHS tape into my house, immediately stripped it of its labels, saved them with my little binder of articles I collected at the time about the movie, and relabeled the tape “Forrest Gump” so that my parents wouldn’t know I had it. Thankfully they never asked to borrow my copy of that movie! That was probably what I considered my best purchase ever, at the time. I watched it when I was home alone now and then, and I’d bring it over to a few friends’ houses, where we’d try to say the lines along with the movie, so that battered old tape really meant a lot to me. It’s where my nostalgia for the movie was born, so as problematic as it is, I have so much affection for it.

Obviously, there was a Forbidden Fruit quality to that, hiding it like I did, and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to watch it, made me want it that much more!

Lestat probably doesn’t like that movie!IWTV is so popular, he’d rather ppl moved on to his book… [digging up an oldie from the archive for ya:]


I just got my hands on The Vampire Armand and Blood and Gold. But is it important to read Armand’s story before Marius’s? Or should I read Marius’s then Armand’s? What’s your hot take?



Personally, I would always recommend reading them in order of publication, bc that’s the order AR explored the characters and their stories. And some things may be mentioned in B&G that would spoil TVA. 

TVA has a lot more of the problematic stuff re: Amadeo/Marius as a ship, so if you’re not interested in that, you might want to avoid it entirely. 

I admit that I like Armand more as a character than Marius, I enjoy his voice, the framing of that story in terms of what’s happening with the other characters at that point in canon, and TVA obvs has more focus on Armand, and, I think, TVA is a better story overall, so I prefer that book entirely, but that’s just me!

Anyone can add their thoughts on this, too 😀

I’m just gonna hop in here real quick as someone who really enjoyed Blood&Gold, and say that it depends on what you’re looking for.

TVA has a rather contained narrative, and focuses mainly on Venice, everything else gets wrapped up quickly. And that’s totally fine if that’s what you’re interested in. And TVA is definitely written in a more enticing manner than B&G. 

B&G does not go into as much detail about the same events as TVA of course so it is a bit like zooming in on one specific detail in a very large picture. B&G offers the picture, and that can get a bit tedious to work through. But it also brings with it a whole array of characters you didn’t see much of until then, or didn’t know anything about before. You learn more about the history of the covens and the druidic cults, about the Talamasca and just “vampire history” in general. It was very satisfying, for me at least. 

That being said, I would also suggest reading TVA first because what is hinted or implied in that book, gets explained in B&G, so you get a nice “Ohh!” moment out of it. It gives you the perspective that TVA didn’t get, since it was written from Amadeo’s limited point of view.



Loustat Chronicles chinese.ver







Back during the time when it was popular to bash Twilight for both legitimate reasons (Edward being borderline abusive to Bella, the whole child grooming plot point in Breaking Dawn, etc.) and not (REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE THATS GAY), I saw this meme on Facebook where it was Louis and Lestat from Interview With The Vampire commenting on Edward’s sparkling and making fun of him for being gay. Like… Buddy My Guy. My Fair Dude. My Dear Sweet Homophobic Idiot. Not only are the Vampires in IWTV super duper gay, you’re lying to yourself if you think Lestat wouldn’t slam dunk his entire body into a tub of glitter on any given occasion. You Fool. You Imbecile.



Louis: Does he ask our pity? He can walk in the sunlight, whereas we, foul creatures of darkness as we are, are forever barred from God’s kindly li –

Lestat, upending a pound of iridescent craft glitter on his head: SHUT UP LOUIS

Everyone on this post is gonna be sued by Anne Rice

Okay, but this is missing out on the glorious tags of the OP:
#what kind of SAVAGE AND AN IDIOT would ever imagine Lestat#a man who crawled out of the swamps of new orleans because his ex wrote a book and was /getting more attention than him/#and then proceeded to become a GLAM ROCK DIVA and Slut For Fame™️#just so people wouldn’t forget who was Doing Better after the breakup#wouldn’t just absolutely snort a tub of glitter like so much expensive cocaine#lestat de lioncourt – ultimate nightmare toreador#cowards#have you met him even once


I resisted doing this but I have no choice MUST ADD:

^Lestat by @garama & @merciful-death




“You remember how you wanted her?” 

omg @lestvt ‘s tags: #i love that you can tell what kind of parents theyre gonna be based on their faces #louis: omg this child is so cute i would literally do anything for her…….. #lestat: im gonna teach her to murder So Good

like I lol’d….. but then I cried. =D


Louis starts off the 📓 dedicated to him (as in, he did not technically write it and have the thing published) with the statement, “I 👀…”

Lestat begins his 📓 (the one he purposely sat down and wrote) with an in-depth description of how he looks.

If this doesn’t describe those two pERFECTLY—then I don’t know what does.