I have a guilty pleasure watching cinema sins on youtube at 4am when I have nothing else to do with my life. I recently messaged him and asked if he would do an “everything wrong with: iwtv” and he just said he would “definitely look into it!” So I am pretty hyped right now and hopefully we might get a really funny iwtv cinema sins video in the future….

But there was so much that was good about movie!IWTV!… I know I know, it’s fun to poke fun at it regardless… movie!QOTD was much more cinema sinful. IWTV’s greatest sin was Antonio!Armand but c’mon, ppl who didn’t read the books didn’t know that… 


[WWDITS/IWTV mashup by @luthi69]

(I’m working on my own funny IWTV vid and your ask reminded me to get my butt in gear on it… stay tuned…)



Was watching “What we do in the Shadows” and I couldn’t contain myself.