Boring old werewolf instincts:

Sexual jealousy

Constant aggression

Rigid hierarchy

Must win sports

Homophobia And Sexism Is Normal™

Eat people

Cool new werewolf instincts:

There is no five second rule

Corvids are friends

Hang out as a pack


Gotta pee

Also consider:

Separation anxiety

Unconditional love and loyalty

Being able to sleep in almost any situation or position

Irresistible urge to chase squirrels and rabbits

Hating the vacuum cleaner

Wanting to do everything with friends

Loudly and repeatedly announcing to housemates that someone is at the door

Long, shouted conversations to other werewolves across the neighborhood (bonus points at 2am)

Taking advantage of any and all free food

Werewolf-vampire solidarity

Fighting any animal that trespasses into the backyard

Boundless energy

Too much energy

Eating out of the trash if it smells tasty

Being bad at sports because you don’t want to let anyone else take the ball from you. Then destroying the ball in front of everyone because you want to make a point

Trying to fight things 10x your size like a fucking idiot

Being unable to hold a grudge for more than a few hours

Trying to make people feel bad for you over mundane things that aren’t actually that bad. And somehow succeeding.


Needing to try a bit of your friends’ food, even if you’ve tried it 5645674 times before and have never once liked it

Getting way too friendly with random strangers

Being in a love-hate relationship with water

Digging. For no reason.

Thinking you’re a badass despite being a hyperactive ball of emotions and hedonism

Loud sobbing while pressing yourself up against the sliding glass door at your friends who locked you out because they were tired of your bullshit and wanted some goddamn peace and quiet

Okay this one is a gem:

Loudly and repeatedly announcing to housemates that someone is at the door

No alpha/beta/omega werewolves because science figured out LONG ago that that concept is, for wolves, incorrect.

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And no swears! werewolfs not swearwolfs

List Of Vampire Movies According To The Mood You’re In To Watch Them



There is a time and place for vampire movies. That time and place is always, and I am going to prove it to you.

This is not a comprehensive list. There are so many vampire movies out there, and I’m still getting through them. This list will be periodically updated as I watch them and am ready to define the exact mood they are in. Many of these movies I have watched multiple times, some of them only once. Some movies I have seen and are not yet on this list because I need to watch them more times to be able to succinctly describe them. 

With that in mind, please start watching vampire movies. I promise you nothing but good things for it.

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I absolutely loved “What We Do in the Shadows” so I had to do some fanart of my favorite two characters, Viago and Vladislav… I really want to do some more doodles for this OMG I cannot stress how much I loved this movie. 



@indyfalcon got “what we do in the shadows” and “only lovers left alive” confused 

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