List Of Vampire Movies According To The Mood You’re In To Watch Them



There is a time and place for vampire movies. That time and place is always, and I am going to prove it to you.

This is not a comprehensive list. There are so many vampire movies out there, and I’m still getting through them. This list will be periodically updated as I watch them and am ready to define the exact mood they are in. Many of these movies I have watched multiple times, some of them only once. Some movies I have seen and are not yet on this list because I need to watch them more times to be able to succinctly describe them. 

With that in mind, please start watching vampire movies. I promise you nothing but good things for it.

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I absolutely loved “What We Do in the Shadows” so I had to do some fanart of my favorite two characters, Viago and Vladislav… I really want to do some more doodles for this OMG I cannot stress how much I loved this movie. 



@indyfalcon got “what we do in the shadows” and “only lovers left alive” confused 

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has AR ever canonically stated what happens if a vampire eats/tries to eat food? I know they can’t (or don’t) but I can’t remember if she ever said anything specifically regarding food, and I thought I’d ask you since you’re kind of an awesome vc expert haha xD

I’m “kind of an awesome vc expert”? Awww, that’s very generous of you

❤️ I’m not special I’ve just read all these books and talked about them for like 20 yrs ;,D

I don’t think that AR has ever canonically stated what happens if a vampire eats/tries to eat food… I’m not even sure if it’s canon of fanon at this point but I headcanon that they can swallow little sips of liquids other than blood. But not much.

^This is from What We Do in the Shadows, and it’s probably not projectile vomiting like this for Ricean vampires… but it’s hilarious (but GROSS) so WATCH IT (if you can handle the gross). For these and the Ricean vampires, eating people food is bad, but not lethal. 

Ricean vampires lose alot of digestive anatomy when they’re turned. So their bodies just can’t metabolize food. Cooking smells are repulsive to them, as Louis describes it in IWTV:

“The slightly nauseating smell of cooking meat… I caught the sweet smell of the spices and the fresh green of marjoram and bay; and then in a wave came the horrid smell of the cooking meat, the blood and flesh decaying in the boiling fluids.“

So if they were to try a bite of a plate of food, it might be like trying to force yourself to eat something inedible, like an old soapy sponge. Unless you’re really determined to eat a thing, you’ll want to spit it out.

I would guess that eating a whole plateful of food would just make them throw it back up, no enjoyment in or out 😛

Not sure about other vampires, like The Vampire Diaries, Tru Blood, 30 Days of Night, Daybreakers, etc.

I seem to recall the Lost Boys vampires were able to eat Chinese food? I don’t remember.