The Vampire Chronicles + ao3 tags part 3



The Vampire Chronicles + ao3 tags part 1

How do I introduce The Vampire Chronicles to someone? (And how to I do that to someone whose not reading vampire literature because of Twilight. I’m trying to have more than one fledgling.)

That’s great that you want to bring someone(s) into this with you! We can always use fresh blood ;D

TBH, tho, it’s not for everyone. Ppl who deliberately don’t read vampire lit bc of Twilight are not totally wrong. They might have valid personal reasons, maybe they don’t like blood/gore, maybe they don’t like the idea of biting or being bitten as erotic IRL, there are plenty of reasons before we even get anywhere NEAR the Problematic things that generally come up with vampire lit. 

Don’t be disappoint if they won’t turn, the Dark Trick is not an exact science, and don’t look at it as a failure on your part.


I’ve been where you are many times, Anon, and in fact I lent the IWTV DVD to a mortal VERY recently, and he keeps RESISTING WATCHING IT but apparently he will TONIGHT “It’s gonna be an Interview with the Vampire night!” he said, without a trace of trepidation, but WE’LL SEE, WON’T WE, MR. EXCESSIVELY TALL PERSON!?

I think the best you can do to try to make new VC fledglings is to ask them to watch IWTV bc as far as adaptations go, yes it changes some things but it was intended to appeal to a wider audience than just the existing fans, and I think it was successful in that regard. 

If you want your friend to read the books instead, give them the capsule reviews, which set this series so far from the other vampire lit. @high-fructose-lesbianism‘s capsule VC reviews are pretty gr9 [X]:

  1. Lestat’s Adventures with a Progressive Family
  2. Lestat’s Bisexual Adventures in 18th Century France
  3. Lestat’s Adventures with the Queen of the Vampires
  4. Lestat’s Adventures as a Human
  5. Lestat’s Adventures with Satan
  6. Lestat’s Adventures in a Coma
  7. Lestat’s Adventures with Polyamory
  8. Lestat’s Adventures in the Deep South
  9. Lestat’s Adventures with Not Being There At All
  10. Lestat’s Adventures with Witches and Other Weird Shit
  11. Lestat’s adventures with Being the Vampire Head of State
  12. Lestat’s Adventures with Literal Fucking Aliens

(Note, Pandora and Vittorio are technically stand-alone “New Tales of the Vampires” books, but Pandora would be No. 6 of the 13 book series).

You can check my #VC Synopsis tag, which has more capsule humorous summaries.