The Vampire Chronicles + ao3 tags part 3

Your tags on my posts give me life. Merci

You’re so welcome! Sometimes a post/fanart/etc. strikes a certain chord and ya just gotta add more comments than simple tag organization, but don’t want to mark a post with visible comments to it for reblogs’ sake, y’know?? 


^X (Sorry for the extreme delay in reply to this, I was hoarding this message bc it made me smile ^______^)


Lestat by @good-evening-kiss​, this is a cropped version of the fanart I commissioned, will post the larger image later! I love it, and g.e.k. was lovely to work with, highly recommend ❤

@just-another-vcblog‘s tags: #last night i had a dream involving this#it was projected onto the ice during a hockey game#and the anouncers were saying#BEHOLD#and i kept trying to get a picture to prove it#but of course i could not#art#lestat de lioncourt#vampire chronicles

I’M? LIKE? I think shoving your commissioned fanart avatar into someone’s dreams is a level of psychological presence Lestat would be hella pleased about. 

SO FOR YOU I’ll post the full image so you can see what was projected onto the ice during your dream hockey game:


^@good-evening-kiss is a gift to our fandom. I asked for this fanart to be based on this ‘shop I did ❤



The Vampire Chronicles + ao3 tags part 1







Back during the time when it was popular to bash Twilight for both legitimate reasons (Edward being borderline abusive to Bella, the whole child grooming plot point in Breaking Dawn, etc.) and not (REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE THATS GAY), I saw this meme on Facebook where it was Louis and Lestat from Interview With The Vampire commenting on Edward’s sparkling and making fun of him for being gay. Like… Buddy My Guy. My Fair Dude. My Dear Sweet Homophobic Idiot. Not only are the Vampires in IWTV super duper gay, you’re lying to yourself if you think Lestat wouldn’t slam dunk his entire body into a tub of glitter on any given occasion. You Fool. You Imbecile.



Louis: Does he ask our pity? He can walk in the sunlight, whereas we, foul creatures of darkness as we are, are forever barred from God’s kindly li –

Lestat, upending a pound of iridescent craft glitter on his head: SHUT UP LOUIS

Everyone on this post is gonna be sued by Anne Rice

Okay, but this is missing out on the glorious tags of the OP:
#what kind of SAVAGE AND AN IDIOT would ever imagine Lestat#a man who crawled out of the swamps of new orleans because his ex wrote a book and was /getting more attention than him/#and then proceeded to become a GLAM ROCK DIVA and Slut For Fame™️#just so people wouldn’t forget who was Doing Better after the breakup#wouldn’t just absolutely snort a tub of glitter like so much expensive cocaine#lestat de lioncourt – ultimate nightmare toreador#cowards#have you met him even once


I resisted doing this but I have no choice MUST ADD:

^Lestat by @garama & @merciful-death