You said you try to be the rper you want to be but what do you mean? I try but can’t always reply to posts right away.


Oh, anon, I’m glad you asked!

When I say I try to be the RPer I want others to be, I absolutely don’t mean replying to threads with ninja speed and being on top of your RP tumblr like being Lestat, etc, is your job. (Unless you have managed to make into a job in which case please explain how.) Everyone is busy and has obligations outside of tumblr. If you want to and can reply to things quickly, power to you! If you can’t, it’s not a big deal and anyone who doesn’t think your replies are worth waiting for you is probably not an RP buddy you want. 

What I mean is that I try to follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you want to be treated. Which means, essentially, put stuff out there, sending things out, foster interaction, and be open to being sending things to you. 

You’ve probably heard about reblog karma. This is a good thing, where if you reblog a meme, you send an ask to the person you reblogged from. Great. But how about instead of reblog karma, you think of it like RP Karma. This is a game that falls apart if everyone sits still and waits for things to come to them. 

So for example, if 6 people on my dash post a meme and I have time, whether or not I reblog it, I try to send everyone an ask. Sometimes the memes require thought and I can’t think of a question or ask for everyone and that’s fine. Sometimes I’m busy or on mobile and just can’t get to it. But if I can and and I have time, I make an effort. Especially if it’s a “send a symbol for a headcanon” type meme, just send some out! You can copy and paste the same one into everyone’s box if you want. 

Beyond memes, if you think of a question you want to ask, say, Louis. Send it to a Louis you follow. Hell, send it to ALL OF THE LOUIS RPERS! Why not. 

Or if someone posts an ask answer or a one liner* your muse has a reaction to, comment on it! React IC! That’s the point. If, say, Armand posts a line like “Banzai trees are hideous!” Lestat can reply that he’s making Banzai the official Coven Tree, Louis can argue that his banzai in Trinity Gate is quite lovely thanks, and Daniel can complain that he has no sense of cultivating something and watching it flourish. 

I’m also a fan of reblogging replies you really love or sending people messages to tell them how much you appreciate their work. RP seems to be a hobby where everyone has days they doubt themselves, so a little positivity goes a long way!

TL;DR: Basically, when you have time, energy, and inspiration, put things out there. Reply to other muses’ IC asks & posts, send asks (anon or IC), reblog replies you like, comment on posts, send kudos out through VC Positivity or just in general. Be the RPer you wish everyone else was in terms of what you put out there. Because if you don’t send things out and interact and make RPland a happy place, no one is going to do it for you. 

(*Obviously check RPer’s rules and if they don’t want people responding to things IC, heed their wishes.) 


Same goes for interaction with fanartist, cosplayers, general fandom ppl, etc. Don’t wait from someone to drop into your inbox, reach out to them! Be the blog you wish to see *u*