Oh Louis Louis…

hey idk if this has already been said before but i think dio brando from jojo’s bizarre adventures is 99% lestat. except that, like, lestat doesn’t kill other people’s dogs

I’m baaarely familiar with JJBA, but I do like the fanart! Definitely has a VC quality to it, the glamour, the violence, the fashion…

This is a cropped version of one fanart I reblogged (apparently sometimes he IS a vampire?), by @salamanshe, check the link for the full pic, but yes, very Lestatuesque! 


Anyway Louis kills other ppl’s dogs… Lestat doesn’t eat junk food if he can get smtg better 😉



i love the idea of lestat being a huge fan of selfie culture and also sending gabrielle awful snapchats all the time with louis unwillingly participating in them

Wow. Just hear the song “I can’t decide” by the Scissor Sisters and omg if that isn’t an accurate representation of L/L (especially during IWTV) I don’t know what is

Well I can’t help but agree with you, anon!

“I can’t decide whether u should live or die….”

(^To be fair, that attack was in self-defense)