Drew a Mael today, one of my favourite VC characters. I’m always irked when people draw him too pretty. He’s one of the ‘uglier’ vampires and that’s what I like about him.

ALSO! I made a new Mael RP account. @mael-gallia Mr Bad-Luck Second-Choice Forever-Alone Mael. ❤ Give him some love.



// so consider

‘Juliet and the Spirits’ which maharet and eric totally loved is a movie from the mid-60s deliberately made to be psychedelic

we know ancient peoples loved their mind altering substances

proposition: maharet and eric and possibly mael totally spent the 60s getting stoned out of their gourd on acid tripping hippies, watching movies while high, and dancing under the moon 👌

breaking news: all ancient vampires secretly just hippies




“…said Mael disgustedly.” -Anne Rice, Blood and Gold pg. unknown

The photo of the actual text evidence that Mael says everything disgustedly is by courtesy of @monstersinthecosmos

I made this based on how Anne loves to tell us how disgusted Mael is. Mael is very disgusted lmfao

Oops It turns out that Kacy was sharing somone elses post in the chat sorry about that @diabolus-invictus thank you for making that post though

(Source of Text photo)




there are exactly two highlights in Blood & Gold

1. the glimpse of Armand ruling his coven which basically boils down to “either you guys shape up or I swear I will replace you all”

2. Santino, after years of devotion and religious fanaticism, meeting Pandora and instantly going “Satan who?? don’t know her”

3. Marius and Avicus playing Mael Tetris 

Yes to all 3! and hey it’s all fun and games until someone gets decapitated.


The Mael anon again! I wanted to know headcanons and actual canons. Just silly little details about him actually haha

Hello again, Mael anon! I’ll have to keep thinking on this one, I’m sorry to say he’s not a character I’ve given a lot of thought to and I don’t want to write anything that might be untrue to the character just to get an answer out 😛 


[^X can we has Brock O’Hurn as Mael tho? mmmmmm….][Idk what he looks like in your mind, Anon, but I see him as big like this, would love it if he had some beard scruff – I don’t remember if he has one in canon – I see fanart of Thor that makes me think of Mael, too]

There is another Mael RPer I just saw on my dash recently, tho! @sughlanu-cridh. That mun is probably who you should go to for Mael headcanons ^u^

I’ll try to come up with something but… lemme kick this out to the group, so you don’t have to wait as long… Hey tumblr fandom, any Mael headcanons and actual canons for anon?

I have an unhealthy crush on Mael, can you say some stuff about him? Just Mael stuff please?

(Hello! I want to give you a good answer, but can you give me a little more info?


  • about what you love about him? 
  • casting ideas for him?
  • are you looking for headcanons? 
  • or canon stuff about him? Quotes?

I had typed up a few responses, but I deleted them, bc I was afraid of striking the wrong tone)

I will tell you there were two active Mael RPers in the fandom:  @thevampiremael, and @maelgallia, you might reach out to them, or browse their archives for Mael stuff!

@diesxirae drew a fanart w/ Mael in it recently, too.