InktoberVC Day 3: The 1970s

It is always tempting to draw Lestat in a 1970s outfit but I went for Santino and his long dark hair. I used @desanctii ’s FC as a reference and an actual 1970s outfit from an old fashion editorial.

And of course, let’s not forget that deeeeeeeep V neckline.

I know it’s only the 3rd day BUT I’m falling in love again with my black and red inks.

a leash can be pulled from both ends


Why won’t some brats just behave? I guess Armand doesn’t do meek or tame.


//This was an attempt at making some content related to @greekhoop ‘s fanfiction The Pilgrimage. I love the dynamics between them and whilst this isn’t a scene taken directly from the fanfiction I still think it’s showing their relationship at the beginning.

So have a quick sketch of Armand and Santino having an argument… of sorts. (I’m not used to throwing lines on paper.)

PS: Armand is standing on his tiptoes



From: @ooo932

To: @crypticcovenmom

A family that eats together stays together; my assignment was some satanic family fun with the children of darkness gang (Armand, Santino, Allessandra). Happy holidays!  

I took part in the vc secret santa this year and take any excuse to draw naked men


In honor of @monstersinthecosmos‘s VC Inktober and per @bloodyvampchrons’s request: 13. Your fav with their fav celebrity!

I present: That one time Santino, former coven master of Rome and leader of the Children of Darkness, met Marilyn Monroe and nearly fainted.


Santino loved Fedoras when they first came out (and probably still does) #HEADCANON ACCEPTED.

For @desanctii!

ooc: Ok can you clear this one up for me? Did Santino ever love Armand? As a brother or family member type of thing? Or was Santino just his wicked teacher?





ooc. Well, headcanons may vary of course, but the way I read the character and the relationship he had with Armand… Yes, Santino loved him. And I will even say that he loved him very deeply. The love was likely not a very considerate kind but it was real.

I hinge this a) on Santino actively assuring Marius that he did love Armand (in TVA) and b) Santino’s exhibiting very fatherly and sympathetic behavior towards Armand. 

Santino is depicted as a very honest and very caring character. His honesty is attested by Marius (B&G) and Santino himself claims to hate evil and to suffer from the way he has to live in the cult. Further: He actually cries when he visits Armand in his cell because the torture was so cruel and he couldn’t stand it (TVA). He is evidently very taken with Armand and compliments him even when there is nothing to gain from it. (also TVA) Because of all of this I say he loved him like a son, or else a protégé.

What he feels for him nowadays is more difficult, I think.

OOC: I totally hear what you’re saying but Santino’s fucked up cruelty in the past done unto Marius, Palazzo Boys and Armand were so horrific, I just have a hard time picturing how you describe him. How can I improve my perspective of Santino?

ooc. I genuinely can’t help you there. If you don’t want to view him in a sympathetic light then nothing I say will change that. Mind you, I started out hating him, too. It took me a while to warm up to him. (cut for length)

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This is really good !! I’m always a slut for nuanced understandings of complex characters 😍

^YES! I really enjoyed this response from @desanctii.

Perspective and context can allow us to view a character in a sympathetic light, but if you don’t want to do so, that’s fine, too. Both approaches are equal,  we all have our own interpretations of canon.



//I’m on a trip to a con right now, and I saw this, and I am laughing my ass off. @desanctii

ooc. This is like people spotting Elvis. HE’S ALIVE AND HE RUNS A RESTAURANT IN FLORIDA 

What would be good VC menu items tho???

– Coffintots – chicken fingers in coffin shapes

– Fledgling Fare – the kiddie menu