How do you DEAL with Prince Lestat spoilers?? The fact that you’ve been spoiled? Or want to be spoiled? UM?? 

“There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question.” ― Carl Sagan,


A) My tag for these spoilers is #princelestatspoiler.

B) What happens to Maharet is under the cut. 

How do you deal with What happens to Maharet? UM… 

  • You can choose not to accept it as canon!
  • Maybe we should set up a support group for ppl dealing with this and other atrocities happenings in PL+ 

…BTW ”PL+” is Prince Lestat PLUS any book that follows it bc collectively, I JUST DO NOT KNOW ok? I cherry-pick what I want from them currently but accepting them in their entirety is a HARD PILL(S) TO SWALLOW. And I think it’s all just gonna get harder to swallow, not easier *shakes fist at AR* WHY U DO DIS??

C) Someone who is related to Lestat – He has A LOT of relatives? Which do you mean? But I can make a guess, under the cut.



A) A lot of exceedingly wackadoodle shit happens and we get some new characters, some which are, to me, canon fodder, so AR has someone to murdalize later.

B) Maharet gets murdalized. Sorry ;A;

C) Lestat gets cloned. Technically. He gets a son, Viktor. Who LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM so like, Lestat 2.0? Diet Lestat? Basically? Maybe AR intends him to become the frontrunner at some point? But he’s basically there for the YA audience, IMO. He’s our Edward Cullen, light on the angst tho *ragged sigh*

Has Anne ever said anything about writing out Magnus’ story? He’s one of my favorites, but I cant remember if this question was ever raised.

Wow, bold of you to consider him as a favorite! I’m rarely asked about Magnus. If I might ask, why is he one of your faves? He is like the ultimate Your Fave is Problematic bc of the way he was first introduced in canon, forcing Lestat into vampirism and all that. Lestat pretty much forgives him at this point, having tried going back to mortality and been very unhappy with it, you could say Lestat finally got to make the choice he didn’t have originally well, *sigh* a whole essay could be written about Lestat and choosing to vampire.

Magnus tells his story in Prince Lestat! That he was a great Parisian alchemist. It’s glossed over fairly quickly, there could be more to Magnus. He was in Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, we’ll probably see more of him.


There was a Magnus RPer, gone inactive now, but you might find good stuff in their archive, might reach out to any active RPers you find there: @theycallmemagnus.

Doesn’t he go by Armand le Russe in Prince Lestat?

Following through the comments on my post, there is the idea that “le Russe” is an epithet, that it’s not what Armand goes by, but something Rhoshamandes calls him. It’s only mentioned once in the book, IIRC, by Rhosh. I’d believe that.


^Kitty by @berrym [X

@bloodyvampchrons wrote:

Anne APPARENTLY made up “le Russe” in PL. Which I had totally forgotten until I was reminded a little while ago. As far as obviously made up surnames go it’s even worse than de Romanus lol. ETA: I need to do a closeread before I speak lol, it sounds like that’s an epithet rather than a name.

@monstersinthecosmos wrote:

SO LIKE I MEAN, the only part (to my recollection? plz correct me???) where it mentions “Armand Le Russe” is in a Rhosh chapter and that guy is such a salty fuckin tool and I got the impression that he was calling Armand that to be petty and sarcastic? Cause then she started listing the vampires at the end of the books and she still just refers to him as “Armand” without a last name.

“Only the clever ones like Gregory Duff Collingsworth and Armand Le Russe–who could thrive right in the midst of mortals–were undisturbed by the shrinking of the planet.”

@bloodyvampchrons wrote:

YEP that’s what @laurasking pointed out to me too. That’s totally plausible. Also since Rhosh’s experience with Armand relates to coven era BS in Paris (idk if I’m even remembering this correctly but isn’t he pissed that allessandra ++ were forced into the covens) it might possibly be a thing left over from that era as well??

laurasking said: Well, Rhoshamandes calls him that, but no one else.

moral-cipher said: Laurasking – ohhh i forgot that. So it’s probably an epithet, possibly left over from the Bad Old Days. That makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

laurasking said: I thought fanon was that he assumed de Romanus.

@i-want-my-iwtv: ^Re: de Romanus, I assumed that was the name Armand used when he was with Marius, but after he was taken by the Children of Darkness, they changed his first name and I would assume he never used “de Romanus” again, either ;A;

Thanks to everyone who had discussion on this! 

“Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis” – Book Tour


@roselioncourt and your very own @i-want-my-iwtv will be attending in NYC Nov 30, 7:00 pm (Barnes & Noble Union Square)! Anyone else going to any of these?

If not, what would you ask her if you could ask her anything (we/someone might ask for you!)?

“Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis” – Book Tour

Can we just appreciate the fact that Seth and Fareed are the ultimate dads?

How so? What makes them the ultimate dads? 

Growing up w/ vampire dads, and being the only human child, in a lab full of vampire scientists had to be interesting, to say the least. I would have liked alot more time spent on that, and how that went! There could be a whole spinoff series just about Vikkie’s childhood!


Lestat, how do you feel about Viktor?

[Note: Mun & muse do not accept the entirety of PL as canon, definitely not Viktor, but Lestat said he’d play along for the sake of this Ask.]

♛Honestly, I try not to feel anything about Viktor.



I barely know him and he has shown little interest in me. I assume he’s read my books but I have no idea. He seems to prefer thinking he burst forth riding a giant gilded petri dish like Venus on her scallop shell. Fine. That’s probably how I’d act in his position.

[Spoiler Alert]

Here’s the thing, anonymous person, how would you feel if someone told you you had a son, and before you could hardly even entertain the idea, they tell you he’s practically an adult, he was raised in a lab full of scientist-vampires, and that what he wants more than anything in the world, more than anything money can buy or any experience, even a relationship with you, is to become a vampire, too? Just another mortal who finds us beautiful, magical, has little idea of the grotesque nightly payment required? Killing is not always fun. Often it’s repulsive. This is a true customer service job, closer to butchery than the refined elegance people love to romanticize it as being. 

Before you start with me on that, yes, I’m sure his “parents” told him about that part of it, too, but please *waves his hand* I met him when he was mortal and had all the starry-eyed wonder of someone who idealizes what we are, ignoring whatever they find remotely distasteful.

It’s been years now and I’m still livid about it. Surely there would have been a way to reach me about him sooner? What’s been stolen from me is priceless. His first words, his first steps, all the joy of sharing my son’s childhood. Earning his trust. He acts like I abandoned him all those years! I am a “deadbeat dad” by his creator’s design.

Did they think I would confuse him?

Did they think I would hurt him? Kill him? They’ve done so much damage keeping us apart that there may be no healing of that wound, even with vampiric blood. 

I’m livid about all of that, and that’s only the second chapter beyond the fact that his very creation was not my choice, either. I didn’t sign any waivers giving them permission to make a child from my little experiment. What of possible failures they made before him? Potentially: other children who were biologically unstable, never made it to adulthood, suffering in their short lives. It horrifies and disgusts me.

Are you starting to get the picture? Do you have the faintest idea? I’m livid. I’m a father to him in the biological sense of the word only. It even seems that he actively tries to suppress anything of me in him, and isn’t that part of the thrill of having a child? Seeing yourself reflected in them? He reflects nothing back to me, only that we share an uncanny physical resemblance. He should dye his hair if he hates me so very much.

I try not to feel anything about Viktor. It takes me down a road that leads nowhere.

What do you think of The Prince Lestat? I’ve read really mixed reviews bordering on it being just plain awful. Specifically characters like Viktor

It’s not my fave VC, but not my least fave VC, either. It’s growing on me. 

As I answered in a recent Ask re: Merrick, idk, I would always advocate reading the books, as cracky as some of them can be, bc there are always moments that are really great! Single lines worth digging up, some phrasing that hits you #Right in the Feels. Don’t you want to know what happens? You don’t have to agree with it but the ride is always at the very least stimulating… you can always just skim it for plot points if reading it is too much of an investment. 

As to whether it’s “just plain awful”? I wouldn’t agree w/ that, bc there are some gems in it that you can’t get anywhere else. At the risk of being redundant, my short answer: I think AR can still capture that old quality we all fell in love with, albeit in slivers. Which is why I can’t disregard any of the books entirely. It’s still hard for me to accept Prince Lestat as canon, I might never, but there are moments and lines of dialogue in it that are SO VERY GOOD. Moments where I’ve had to pause and smile, because it was as if the old Lestat, from IWTV or TVL, actually graced us with his presence, if only for a moment.

… Also I admit I very much dig Lestat’s new accessory ;D

It also has some worthwhile development re: the spirit that basically created vampires in the first place.

Re: Viktor & Co.


[Fanart of some of the main chars in PL by @remarried/@nightislandofficial]

For specifics/headcanons about Viktor, go to @viktor-de-lioncourt (Viktor RPer

who uses Jordan Sörbom as a FC), @antoineandthepiano, and @roselioncourt, all of whom RP new characters from PL (technically Antoine was in IWTV but he has a larger presence in PL so I count him as new) and care way more about them than I am capable of currently.

I didn’t find many of the new characters very engaging, I would bet we’ll get more depth on them in later books, and/or they were created for what I like to call “canon-fodder” so that AR has a bunch of chars to kill in the next book(s), since she can’t kill the core group we all love so much! She tried to kill a few of them and had to bring them back ;]

Spoilers and probably unpopular opinions re: Viktor under the cut. And really I prefer not to make unpopular opinions but sometimes I gotta. 

I find Viktor to be a kind of watered-down Twilight knockoff. He seemed to be an answer for all the POTP who had pestered AR for years to give Lestat a biological son… and the romance between him and Rose came off as pretty forced to me, again, a YA couple like in Twilight for fanservice. Not that YA can’t be well done, just that I didn’t really buy AR’s stab at it. Other ppl may have and they are welcome to ship their hearts out!

More here.


Didn’t Amel at some point tell the vampires that at one point they might need him? I also think at some point much like how we met Memnoch we should get a chance for Amel to speak.

You are in luck if you want Amel talking, bc he DOES.


When we first learn his name in QOTD, he’s already talking to Maharet and Mekare about how they might need his help:

“Except that several nights later, an evil spirit came to us, one which we called Amel. Enormous, powerful, and full of rancor, this thing danced about the clearing before our cave trying to get Mekare and me to take notice of him, and telling us that we might soon need his help…” 

“This Amel, in particular, was maddened by our ‘neglect’ of him, as he called it. And he declared over and over again that he was ‘Amel, the powerful,’ and ‘Amel, the invincible,’ and we should show him some respect. For we might have great need of him in the future. We might need him more than we could imagine, for trouble was coming our way.” – Maharet, Queen of the Damned

We actually hear quite alot from him in that book! He is a major catalyst in the origin of the vampire species. 

Tiny Prince Lestat spoiler ahead

And then we hear alot from him in Prince Lestat, too, in which he is AGAIN a catalyst in the next chapter for the