“This ultra rare and authentic ad for the film INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE is from an industry-only Hollywood magazine and had a limited circulation of just one day. This ad was placed to announce that principal photography (filming) would be starting. It includes River Phoenix in the cast as ‘The Interviewer’. Sadly, he passed away and was unable to appear in the film.” 

– Reel Pop Culture



“To me Tom and Brad were normal. I didn’t treated them like super stars, but I thought:” I’m an actor too". I didn’t feel inferior to them and that was good. As Claudia I had to have that power… They were so sweet. They treated me like a Princess. They were super protective and nice with me. Tom was lovely. He put a Christmas tree in my bedroom and CD players and video games, and he always made sure that I wasn’t scared in every scene we filmed. He spoiled me. They both did.“

— Kirsten Dunst about Tom and Brad.

Anne Rice Reflects on Her New LESTAT Novel and the VAMPIRE CHRONICLES TV Series (Exclusive) | Nerdist

A movie reboot of The Vampire Chronicles very nearly happened, but the studio never fully committed to the project. “Universal and Imagine had the Vampire Chronicles in development for 18 months. But this did not work out, and Universal did not renew the option,” admitted Rice. “When the rights reverted to me, I realized, more than ever, that television was where the series belonged. 

…“Times have certainly changed since Warner Brothers made a movie version of Queen of the Damned in 2002, one that bore little resemblance to the novel. [Anne says:] “Hollywood in the last ten years has come to recognize the importance of the fans; it has come to see we are living in the age of the nerd, the geek, the fanboy or fangirl, the avid devoted reader. Hollywood has stopped dismissing and condescending to this audience and has started to respect it, only perhaps because Hollywood has no real choice. The immense success of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones has made it clear: fidelity to the books is where success lies.”

She continued, “This is a wonderful time to be making a TV series of The Vampire Chronicles.  I get brilliant suggestions and ideas every day from the readers who post on our Vampire Chronicles series page. They have introduced me to musical composers, actors and actresses I hadn’t seen before, and they have generously talked about the situations and scenes they value in my books and want to see on the screen. I love all this. I don’t want to let them down. I won’t let them down.”

^Clearly AR wants to be faithful to her fans and the books in the new adaptation(s) 😀 (Hopefully that includes not retro-fitting the later books backwards into canon) 

Anne Rice Reflects on Her New LESTAT Novel and the VAMPIRE CHRONICLES TV Series (Exclusive) | Nerdist

[^scan from a 90′s magazine by @thesaramonster]

Tom has said that he didn’t change the script for IWTV. Whether you believe him or not is up to you, but considering what did make it into the finished film (and reliable sources I have spoken to directly), I’d say he was willing to do pretty much everything they asked for. 

And keep in mind that that movie really did push the envelope for its time. There are things in it that are still very difficult to film even now.



Brad is so high.

Kirsten Dunst told Bullet magazine, re her first kiss was w/ Brad Pitt:

“It was just a peck… Everyone at the time was like, ‘You’re so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,’ but I thought it was disgusting.

“I didn’t kiss anyone else until I was 16, I think. I was a late bloomer.”