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“and then i saw him walk across the room. he got very close to me and whispered “back that sass up”“


He descended upon me, that pink archangel, with those pink and ripe nipples. “

12 minutes
“Oh not. Not another fire bender!” I said to myself. But then he came up behind me and grabbed my ass. So he’s cool now I guess
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“Its okay,” he said leaning his walking stuck against the wall and removing the young man’s glasses “ let me frost your roll” matt the blind cinnamon roll blushes as his core softened for his new lover.

10 minutes

“loki looked both ways, making sure it was safe to cross the bifrost before shouting, “lesbians assemble”

GOT ONE, a few hours later!!1!

‘So then Lestat broke into the room followed by a fed up Louis “I WANT MY INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE” He shout, the movie wasnt even edited yet’

Lyla Hay Owen, actress and bedrock of local theater, dies at 84


^It’s our Widow St. Clair! ;A;

“She had an incredible talent, a sort of compulsive creativity,” said Jim O’Quinn, a fellow performer and frequent collaborator. “She was an artist in her heart and soul, and she lived the life of an artist. She wanted to transform life experiences into art.”

…She also appeared in movies such as “Hard Times,” “Everybody’s All-American” and “Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles,” in which Tom Cruise broke her neck – in character, as Lestat, the vampire.

“He was very careful and concerned not only about how he would break my neck, but how it would read on camera,” Ms. Owen said in a Times-Picayune interview. “He is the consummate professional film actor.”


This is pretty sad… also a reminder that even the vampires in the movie are mortal, too ;A;

Lyla Hay Owen, actress and bedrock of local theater, dies at 84

You inspired me to watch the movie with Neil Jordan’s commentary, and 10/10 would watch again just for Jordan calling Lestat a “bitchy wife”.


LOL that was one of our favourite parts too! Truly amazing!!!

Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie with the commentary should definitely go dig up the DVD! It provides many excellent insights and just good banter 🙂




I just rediscovered how glorious this image is so excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably every time I look at it again.

It was taken in Kensal Green Cemetery in February.

Terry borrowed the white jacket from our editor, Malcolm Edwards, and grumbled that it did nothing to keep him warm on a very cold day.

“Sometimes you have to be cold to look cool,” I told him.

“It’s all right for you,” he said. “You’re wearing a leather jacket.”

“You could wear a leather jacket too.”

“I’m wearing white,” said Terry, pointedly. “That way, when they come after us for writing a blasphemous book, they’ll know I’m the nice one.”

(After the photo was taken we noticed the bat-winged hourglass, which we hadn’t seen during the photo session, and requested bat-winged hourglasses as a design motif in the book.)

I should add that we already had winged hourglasses all the way through the book. We just has them change the wings from bird to bat.

OMG! I just found behind the scenes footage of Interview with the Vampire. It shows mostly Tom Cruise, a little bit of Anne Rice and a little bit of Brad Pitt. The video was uploaded by WalrusRider and the video is called Tom Cruise – “Interview With a Vampire” On Set Footage. Not sure if you’ve seen it already but if you haven’t check it out.



It’s so fun to see at least this shot from the other side of the door, lol…


I’ll transcribe it somewhat for y’all:

The narrator is all about the *~secrecy~* like of course Tom Cruise wanted to keep the secrecy of his costumes and makeup and whatever, so as not to spoil the surprise! We have closed sets all the time these days and back then. I don’t think that was just Tom, I think everyone involved in making the movie wanted that secrecy.

  • The narrator pronounces his name the way AR prefers, not the way it’s pronounced in the movie
  • Claudia at 0:15!
  • Makeup touch up!

^X Bruh. 

Hit the jump for more, cut for length.

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Boy Prisoner #2: Anything can happen when two people share a cell, cuz.

Episode 3×07 “Prison Break-In”

What did happen:

Louis ignored Armand.

They looked at art.

Funny things: I think they looked at “Demon’s Head” by (amazing symbolist painter) Mikhail Vrubel (painted about 1890). 

“…Vrubel started painting sketches and watercolours illustrating the Demon, a long Romantic poem by Mikhail Lermontov. The poem described the carnal passion of “an eternal nihilistic spirit” for a Georgian girl Tamara. “, says wikipedia. 

The painting is nowadays in the collection of The Museum of Russian Art in Kiev, Ukraine. But maybe it was on loan in Louvre? Or maybe they travelled to see Armand’s childhood home country. ; ) Anyway it makes a great addition to the Interview with the Vampire Drinking Game. DRink FoR ranDOM vRUbel!

Yep! Great catch! It’s not identical but it’s very close (painting from the movie below).

This painting is also seen in a recent fanart by @morganeskylar!



so i heard this one guy is getting his own animated film. gotta admit i’m pretty stoked

Ok I feel the need to explain, since this drawing from 2014 resurfaced again for some reason ahaha…

When I was studying animation I came across someone who was working with a studio during the preproduction of an animated feature film of the little vampire. The concept arts and storyboards that I saw made me think the filmmakers would make their film more loyal to the original books than the previous TLV adaptations.

This is what became of it. No need to say I am a bit underwhelmed.

I’m not gonna go on about the problems I personally have with the movie, but what’s baffling me the most are the similarities with the 2000 live action film.

What’s the point making a hella arduous and expensive feature-length animation, when almost identical live action version already exists? Why not write something else–plotwise. There are tons of books to get material from.

Not to mention Tony and Rudolph lacking all the personality traits of Anton and Rüdiger that I feel are essential in the books.

I’m just disappointed I guess.


^First off, I really enjoy your character designs for this character, I’d love to see a graphic novel or animated series/film in your style! I haven’t read the original book, only saw the 2000 adaptation with Rollo Weeks as the little vampire, but your art makes me want to read the source material ^_____^

And the fact that you saw preproduction concept art and boards of an animated feature of it that looked like the filmmakers would be faithful to the books!!! And it very much wasn’t!! D: That sucks.

Yep, sometimes adaptations are underwhelming *cough cough* um idk the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED MOVIE *cough cough* It is sometimes really disappointing to see adaptations like that when the source material (and in your case, the concept art and boards!) was so good.

(I’m sure there are ppl out there who like The Little Vampire 3D (2017) for whatever reason, and I am the first to admit that judgment of adaptations are bound to be subjective (influenced by each individual viewer’s emotions, opinions, or personal feelings)… but I feel like artists and writers are more knowledgeable about the practice of their art, so when criticism comes from an artist or writer, it feels more objective, and less about trampling something for the fun of trampling it, at least to me.)



If you could walk into a room and see someone’s eyes shining away at you, why take the trouble of testing them? You’d just blow them away where they stood. So that retinal kickback was primarily a cinematic technique, mainly used as a tip-off for the audience. ⇁ Ridley Scott



“To me Tom and Brad were normal. I didn’t treated them like super stars, but I thought:” I’m an actor too". I didn’t feel inferior to them and that was good. As Claudia I had to have that power… They were so sweet. They treated me like a Princess. They were super protective and nice with me. Tom was lovely. He put a Christmas tree in my bedroom and CD players and video games, and he always made sure that I wasn’t scared in every scene we filmed. He spoiled me. They both did.“

— Kirsten Dunst about Tom and Brad.