Ok, I’m in class right now and since i just saw there is an inktober for VC, I couldn’t resist start drawing it.

For 1rst Inktober day, Armand cosplaying Louis👿🐭

Thank you for the #inktoberVC. This list gave me reasons to finally do this challenge.



On every level, Hiddleston is in: He’s there, he’s present, he’s yours, he’s heartfelt, he’s real. And that can be a double-edged Chitauri Scepter, since it leads to the stuff about Hiddleston that wounds him … The world might not be ready for the kind of earnestness and sincerity that comes along with Tom Hiddleston. I am here to tell you that we would be a much happier race of humans if it were. – Taffy Brodesser-Akner for GQ




When you’re doing voice over you’re actually… the challenge is to convey everything that you would normally say with your eyes and with your face, but in your voice.



“Here’s the thing a wise man once said, ‘The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference.’ And Loki is not indifferent to Thor. He hates him. And in order to hate someone, you must still, therefore, love them. So I think there is, somewhere down the line, the possibility of redemption for him, because he is just in real need of self-esteem.” – Tom Hiddleston

^I found that pic, and the quote in two different places, so I’m not sure which is correct (or, given internet sources, whether it’s Tom Hiddleston’s quote at all) but it’s a powerful statement, whoever said it. 

The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference.

I’m calling on the Thorki fandom, what do you make of this quote? Agree? Disagree?

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I’m sure I’m missing some wonderful Thorki shippers, please count yourself invited to reblog/comment.



So. Today in class we assigned Macbeth roles to students to read. When I asked the class who wants to be Lady Macbeth, a young man raised his hand. I kind of stared at him like “Lady Macbeth,” and he nodded like “I know what I’m about ma’am.” So then the student who ended up as Macbeth raised his hand and said “HE’S THE ONE, HE’S MY WIFE!” So I said “yeah sure why not,” and the entire class period they were blowing kisses to each other and winking at each other, and every now and then Macbeth would say “I’m the luckiest man on Earth” and Lady Macbeth would put a hand to his chest, and be like “BABE!”.

I just stared at them, knowing that they CLEARLY have never read ‘Macbeth’ before, so… all this lovey dovey… I don’t know if I have the heart to tell them the truth.


  • Macbeth is absolutely willing to fucking throw down for Lady Macbeth. Has already threatened a wall, a desk, a few students, a textbook that was neither his nor Lady Macbeth’s, and me
  • Lady Macbeth is enjoying the attention and has begun to use this new connection to his advantage. I’m starting to suspect he’s read ahead in the play.
  • Macbeth is going to end up living in detention at this rate.
  • Macbeth has no idea that he is the tragedy of the story. Claims to be the hero of the play, fails to see the irony in this
  • Macbeth slowly scooted his desk across the classroom to hold hands with Lady Macbeth. He was not subtle.
  • Macbeth has proposed on several occasions. Lady Macbeth just laughs and says they’re already married.
  • Macbeth’s girlfriend is in the class with them and is “totally not jealous or anything just thinks this whole fucking play is a waste of time”
  • Lady Macbeth should probably be a theatre major at some point, he fucking rocked Act V scene I
  • Other teachers and staff are emailing me about the “lovely lords”. Lady Macbeth now refuses to answer to anything other than Lady Macbeth and is always very upset when people don’t call him by his proper title.


“To me Tom and Brad were normal. I didn’t treated them like super stars, but I thought:” I’m an actor too". I didn’t feel inferior to them and that was good. As Claudia I had to have that power… They were so sweet. They treated me like a Princess. They were super protective and nice with me. Tom was lovely. He put a Christmas tree in my bedroom and CD players and video games, and he always made sure that I wasn’t scared in every scene we filmed. He spoiled me. They both did.“

— Kirsten Dunst about Tom and Brad.

Came for the most amazing Brat Prince fan art I’ve ever seen. Stayed for your absolutely adorable online personality! Your blog has such a sunny feel to it. If your offer is still valid… could you possible doodle Santiago from the VC? I’ve never seen you draw him before. Best of luck, Elle ❤


thank you!! ❤ ❤

There must have been a time when I had an image of Santiago that was not movie!Santiago but it evaporated the very second this scene happened 😉 So this is all you get for him 😉





#my favorite Tom Cruise role ever

#turning a small child into a vampire so your lover will be forced to co-parent with you and won’t leave you: get on Lestat’s level

I keep waiting for a gay vampire movie but then i remember Interview with a Vampire happened and literally it cannot get any more homoerotic camp than Brad Pitt being all “omfg I’m reborn as a denizen of hell” while Tom Cruise basically serenades him with the music of the night