So like everyone else who is in the Vampire Chronicles fandom(I enjoy this fandom very much) they have learned that our beloved books will be turned into a tv show (really excited but also nervous). I’ve noticed that lots of people talk about who should play Louis, who should play Lestat, and who should play Armand and so on and so on but I’ve never heard anyone talk about who should play Claudia. Who do you think should be casted to play Claudia?

Yes, I obvs enjoy our faction of the VC fandom here too! We’re all excited/ nervous/other… some ppl have nope’d out entirely, it’s a big mix *hugs*

Casting Claudia will probably not be an issue if they start with TVL, bc Claudia’s only in IWTV, and just mentioned in later books. It seems like AR really loves movie!IWTV, so I doubt she would redo that book.

But… let’s cast an actress as Lestat’s little sister for TVL, the 8th de Lioncourt child, and then have her play Claudia, too! The resemblance would be so heartbreaking! ;A;

For funsies tho, I must inform you… awhile back, @hyperbeeb suggested Mia Talerico [X], who just turned 9 on 9/17, and I have to agree! 


[^She’s the kid from the “confused baby” meme!]

Mia’s had a long career already (IMDB says she was eleven months old when she started filming Good Luck Charlie, so that’s 7 yrs of acting, being directed, being comfortable in front of the cameras, etc.). I Perusing through gifs of her (thank u @child-actor-gifs​!), I think she’s got what it takes. Physically, who can deny that she’s super cute, w/ doll-like features as described in the books, fiercely intelligent, adorable smile, and naturally blonde already (so we can save a few $$ on hair dye!).


^Here she is a little older. She almost looks like she plotting here… Look what she’s doing with her hands, conscious acting choice? I think so. Imagine she’s crushing a (breakable prop) porcelain doll’s face into shards instead! Yissss…


^Perfect disingenuous apology, very Claudia.


^”I want more…” hugs? Sure you do.


^So yeah let’s hurl her at AR! 


I think we could also find a great child actress on Insta or YT, some fresh kid whose experience comes from making short vids under adult supervision so they are already accustomed to taking some direction bc kids are notoriously difficult to direct. I love Katie Ryan on Insta (@katieryan430) … It’s frickin’ BATS

IIRC, there was alot of difficulty finding a 5 yo talented enough to play Claudia in movie!IWTV. Kirsten Dunst was the first they auditioned of one hundred actresses, varying in amount of experience, from around ages 5-12. The 5 yr olds struggled with the intensity that the part required… so I wouldn’t mind if they aged her up to 10 or 11. If they cast a 5 yo who looks perfect but can’t act like the frustrated adult inside, it won’t really work.

If Claudia’s in the new adaptations at all, I think it will be as a ghost (in later books, she sort of haunts the Rue Royale, Louis, and Lestat), which could also be animated and voice acted by an adult.

@cloudsinvenice had suggested Shirley Temple ages ago and I kinda love that, too!





*dies laughing because it’s the truth*

“There was a barely perceptible smile on her lips.‘No, Louis,’ she whispered.’I can kill him. And I want to tell you something else now, a secret between you and me.’

"I shook my head but she pressed even closer to me, lowering her lids so that her rich lashes almost brushed the roundness of her cheeks.’The secret is, Louis, that I want to kill him. I will enjoy it!’

’…I dislike him! I want him dead and will have him dead. I shall enjoy it.’

– Claudia de Lioncourt, Interview with the Vampire