*arrives one decade later with starbucks* is this meme dead yet?

The first meme for 2017 should be all the old ones but wholesome





















I’ll go first

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I love you so much and I want to declare it to the world but public extreme expressions of love short of marriage proposals are looked down upon or made fun of by society and I’m worried people are going to judge me but I’m content being by your side because there’s nothing I love more

you: I love you
me, and intellectual: I love you unconditionally and the fact that I see myself as more intuitive does not change that at all, and, in fact, sometimes enhances my love for you

Did you know that I will climb nearly 90 degree angles to announce my deep love for you from the top of the highest mountains. Because I crave that affection.

Me, on a date: how do you feel about wholesome memes?
My date: I love them so much as it is my deepest desire to have that kind of connection with someone
Me: *pulling breadsticks out of my purse* I stole these from Olive Garden and want to share them with you

Come one guys join in on this
In case you haven’t noticed this whole meme is already a wholesome version of a past meme, the “what will be the first meme of 2015” meme
So this meme is a meme of itself

I came out here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so loved and supported right now.

this kind of wholesome subversion of memes looks like a lot of


jewishbookwyrm: i have made a wholesome meme
tumblr: you fixed a really bad trend is what you did. look at it. it’s got love and support.

are we doing loving memes?

friends, we might be

“Tumblr a pit of hate and despair” factoid is incorrect. Wholesome Georg, who posts support and friendship from a cave is representative adn should be counted.

maybe the real wholesome memes were the friends we made along the way

Tag yourself I’m wholesome subversion of memes

2017 but every time I love and support my friends it gets faster

I awake in the morning

mind: refreshed

heart: open

friends: online

I am forcibly removed from loneliness and isolation.

Here come dat love

i am a frend

and wen i spy

a frend of mine

who wants to cri

i do not walk

awa or shrug

i hold them clos

i giv a hug

here come that boy

o i hope ur havin a good day

wat is the significance of the cute cat in the top hat on your header?

Thanks for noticing the kitteh 😀 I am a cat person, though currently catless ;A; so having one in my header is like having one w/o the litterbox to deal with, but also without the cuddles *cries*

It’s the cat from this meme (and Idk how old it is, but I think it’s ancient enough to be called a ”macros,” which is what we used to call them) and it always makes me smile:


^the caption is so Lestatuesque. Is this not what happened, in fact? Did he not fight his own ass in the desert? But that’s TOBT, which isn’t canon for some ppl.

ANYWAY I love cats, vampires are catlike… I had planned on changing the cat’s hat/accessories for different holidays, but that didn’t happen bc I was so frickin’ fussy with the drafts, revising my blog layout, that I got tired from it so VERY LITTLE has really changed lol…

It was inspired by this post from 3 years ago, comparing cute cats in top hats (THIS TOP HATTED KITTEN LOOKS SHOPPED… I CAN TELL FROM SOME OF THE PIXELS AND FROM SEEING QUITE A FEW SHOPS IN MY TIME.)







I had one more panel to go but I forgot about this entirely and I don’t have the energy to do the last part so I’ll leave it here

Based on this thing that’s based on another thing that I can’t find the source of

( @i-want-my-iwtv )

*flails* I LOOOVE THIS. We absolutely needed a version of this meme for our fandom, and @kotilae​ DELIVERED. Thank uuuuu. #request FILLED.

P.S. it’s absolutely still funny w/o the last panel 😉