This moment kills me. And I guess I never realized how differently it was handled in the movie. 

Wow, yes. It’s been years since I read the graphic novel and I’d forgotten that there, it’s Claudia comforting Madeleine…

I’m going to be living in the french quarter for a week in march for work – any recs on places i should visit etc?

Yes! A whole week is plenty of time to wedge in VC location visits around the work-related stuff ;D

FYI in my list, I have things in the French Quarter, the Garden District (you can take the streetcar to get there, or walk, if you have the time/interest, it’s 2.5 miles away), and then outside the city are swamp tours (which I really want to do next time I visit) and the plantation houses (Pointe du Lac!).

These aren’t in any geographical order, just the order I’m thinking of them:

+ Gallier House – A must-visit, this is the flat AR based Rue Royale on. They give tours bc it’s a historical site. It’s not expensive, book in advance. They also have a gift shop and I got a nice necklace there. 


^My estimation of the room assignments bc reasons. Re: “slave quarters,” that’s unfortunately part of the history of that building 😛 but I think by the time L/L were there, those rooms were used for storage bc there’s little closet space in the living quarters, and the maids they hire don’t live with them.

Note: @gairid considers the flat across the street (1127) to be the true home of L/L bc the balcony is much more verdant, and you know Lestat would have all kinds of flora on their balcony! It’s a private residence, though.

+ Oak Alley Plantation – this was used for Pointe du Lac plantation in the movie. It’s a ways away, like 45 min outside NOLA?  Maybe more, but worth the trip! You can pay for the bus tickets and tour package, get there and wander around, there’s food and historical info, highly recommend. Allegedly, Brad Pitt still visits and he stays in one of the guest houses.


Note: They also filmed at neighboring Destrehan Plantation, but I haven’t been there, idk if it’s worth going.

+ Madame John’s Legacy

632 Dumaine St, this is the scene in which a family’s worth of coffins are carried out; Lestat & Claudia had been so gluttonous. This building is sometimes open to the public, the last time I was there they had a cool ceramics exhibition.


+ Jackson Square – mentioned in canon pretty often, you can’t really go to NOLA and not visit.

+ The Cabildo at Jackson Square – I didn’t go in, I think you can. This is where Lestat watches Claudia kill, that same gate is there, you can go hang out in front of it and pretend to watch your vampire daughter kill a victim.



Court of Two Sisters

613 Royal St, I really enjoyed the Sunday brunch, there’s a cute little courtyard with fountains, and live music sometimes. They had this oreo pie that like… dangerous

+ Cafe Du Monde – mentioned in canon, they serve like 2 things, beignets and coffee (nothing super fancy), very affordable, and are almost always crowded, but totally worth it. If you go around the back there’s a window where you can see them making the beignets!

+ Arnaud’s – very good restaurant in the French Quarter

+ Port of Call – 838 Esplanade Ave, stardustschild, I see in your profile that you’re not over 21, but for OTHER ppl reading this post, this is a good place for a go-cup drink ~$10, it’s large and 1 is enough to catch a good buzz.

+ NAPOLEON HOUSE – Muffalettas, po’ boys & other Creole staples in a circa-1914 house with a palm-filled courtyard. @gairid recs the SAZERAC (for the 21+ people reading this post, not you, stardustchild) here.

+ French Market – that’s a pretty standard suggestion so I have to include it but I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal. 

+ Trashy Diva clothing boutique – 

537 Royal St, they have a few locations. I got a great little black velvet jacket here!

+ 2301 and


St. Charles Ave, Garden District

– AR’s childhood homes

– (Not a location really) 1233 COLISEUM ST. – where the Coliseum theatre was in the scene when Louis goes to the movies, it burned down ;A; But that neighborhood is kind of fun to walk around and just look at the nice houses on your way to Lafayette Cemetery. 


+ Commander’s Palace, Garden District

– good restaurant but pricey. I had an elder flower liqueur cocktail that was pretty special there. This restaurant is a favorite of the Mayfair family.


+ 1239 First Street, Garden District – This historic property was for many years Anne Rice’s primary residence. 

+ Mayfair house

, Garden District

 3711 St Charles Ave. Not really as crucial on my own list of locations but still.  @cloudsinvenice had posted: “Anne Rice’s former New Orleans home is back on the market again, as per this article, from which I’ve selected some photos. This is the house that inspired the Mayfair witches’ haunted family home…”


+ Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, Garden District

mentioned in canon, free but only open during daylight hours tho!


St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 – There are tours and I think Nicolas Cage’s very weird pyramid tomb is there, he’s paid for it, and that’s where he plans to be when he’s shuffled off this mortal coil…

+ Bourbon French Parfums

805 Royal St. bc Louis was all about the jasmine and stuff, they have great sets of perfumes and their own concoctions.

+ DeVille Coffee House & Creperie – 2045 Magazine St, I just really like their crepe suzettes ❤

+ New Orleans Pharmacy Museum – I didn’t get to go here but it was on my list. I think it’s like $5 to go.

+ Marie Leveau’s Grave and Voodoo Shop – has cool stuff, like coffin nails!

+ Boutique du Vampyre – 709 ½ St. Anne Street, IIRC I got a cool poison ring here, they have vampiry wares.

… A few additions!

@nixsrebellionoflies​ added: 
may i add that you can go into port of call if youre not 21 and over? they have great burgers and a very interesting aesthetic. you might have to wait a while tho to get in

^Thanks for that! I haven’t tried their burgers myself, now I have to be sure to put that on my list for my next trip 😉

@jeezycreezysuperstar​ added:
Some of the cemeteries are now only open to the public via tour group, just fyi

^RIGHT I forgot about that, it’s a relatively recent rule, within the last few years I think? Partly bc of the vandalism that was happening, and offerings/graffiti on some of the famous tombs like Marie Laveau’s Tomb. But do take a tour if you have the time/money/interest, bc they are informative and spoopy.



The Mayfair House: Anne Rice’s former New Orleans home is back on the market again, as per this article, from which I’ve selected some photos. This is the house that inspired the Mayfair witches’ haunted family home…

So like everyone else who is in the Vampire Chronicles fandom(I enjoy this fandom very much) they have learned that our beloved books will be turned into a tv show (really excited but also nervous). I’ve noticed that lots of people talk about who should play Louis, who should play Lestat, and who should play Armand and so on and so on but I’ve never heard anyone talk about who should play Claudia. Who do you think should be casted to play Claudia?

Yes, I obvs enjoy our faction of the VC fandom here too! We’re all excited/ nervous/other… some ppl have nope’d out entirely, it’s a big mix *hugs*

Casting Claudia will probably not be an issue if they start with TVL, bc Claudia’s only in IWTV, and just mentioned in later books. It seems like AR really loves movie!IWTV, so I doubt she would redo that book.

But… let’s cast an actress as Lestat’s little sister for TVL, the 8th de Lioncourt child, and then have her play Claudia, too! The resemblance would be so heartbreaking! ;A;

For funsies tho, I must inform you… awhile back, @hyperbeeb suggested Mia Talerico [X], who just turned 9 on 9/17, and I have to agree! 


[^She’s the kid from the “confused baby” meme!]

Mia’s had a long career already (IMDB says she was eleven months old when she started filming Good Luck Charlie, so that’s 7 yrs of acting, being directed, being comfortable in front of the cameras, etc.). I Perusing through gifs of her (thank u @child-actor-gifs​!), I think she’s got what it takes. Physically, who can deny that she’s super cute, w/ doll-like features as described in the books, fiercely intelligent, adorable smile, and naturally blonde already (so we can save a few $$ on hair dye!).


^Here she is a little older. She almost looks like she plotting here… Look what she’s doing with her hands, conscious acting choice? I think so. Imagine she’s crushing a (breakable prop) porcelain doll’s face into shards instead! Yissss…


^Perfect disingenuous apology, very Claudia.


^”I want more…” hugs? Sure you do.


^So yeah let’s hurl her at AR! 


I think we could also find a great child actress on Insta or YT, some fresh kid whose experience comes from making short vids under adult supervision so they are already accustomed to taking some direction bc kids are notoriously difficult to direct. I love Katie Ryan on Insta (@katieryan430) … It’s frickin’ BATS

IIRC, there was alot of difficulty finding a 5 yo talented enough to play Claudia in movie!IWTV. Kirsten Dunst was the first they auditioned of one hundred actresses, varying in amount of experience, from around ages 5-12. The 5 yr olds struggled with the intensity that the part required… so I wouldn’t mind if they aged her up to 10 or 11. If they cast a 5 yo who looks perfect but can’t act like the frustrated adult inside, it won’t really work.

If Claudia’s in the new adaptations at all, I think it will be as a ghost (in later books, she sort of haunts the Rue Royale, Louis, and Lestat), which could also be animated and voice acted by an adult.

@cloudsinvenice had suggested Shirley Temple ages ago and I kinda love that, too!




What Lestat and Louis did for Hallowe’en. 


How many ‘fans’ say interview with A vampire rather than THE?

FAR TOO MANY. But I can’t be all that annoyed at them bc I think it might have been translated that way in some languages. Other things have been lost in translation or changed, and that’s affected ppl’s headcanons.

@cloudsinvenice pulled a little prank awhile back, tho, and made a press release to go with it! It looks pretty legit!



Anne is so cute and sweet.


She wants “mass produced and readily available action figures …that might pass for Lestat, so that anyone could have one for a few bucks” !!! Anne, do you know how much Barbies cost these days? More than “a few bucks” but still, I like where she’s going with this.

There was a post that went around about a month ago re: VC action figures, here are some of the responses on it:

[^from an i09 article]

@gothiccharmschool added:


@cloudsinvenice added:

I WANT MOPING LOUIS ACTION FIGURE, THAT STILL COUNTS AS ACTION and he comes with a few dead rat accessories… and a few tattered books. Also:

  • Claudia w/ little gold scissors, mini-doll, and dagger-stabby action
  • Lestat w/ violet shades, multiple outfits sold separately
  • Santiago w/ scythe

@vampchronfic added:

  • Maharet and sets of different colored eyes.

@octoberreads added:

  • And a Lestat with a pull string that says “still whining 

@audacityinblack added:

  • A Daniel figure though…
  • Would come with tiny tape recorder, notebook, magically “emptying” bottles, and real clinging-to-Armand action.

@annabellioncourt added:

  • I mean, come on, not just the Hot Toys figures or the standard five inch figures, but the funko pops, and all those other novelty vinyl figures.

@phantomseptember added:

  • Imagine how many wardrobe extensions they could sell for a Lestat action figure!

@redversaillesrose added:

  • Nicki w/ violin. Hands sold separately. 

^I am cry, just wanted to explain my lack of communication this past week, and what a week to be forced AWOL. The very week we’re hit w/ such massive news and I couldn’t be there for you! I’ve abandoned my ppl!

I’m making my way back to you, and will get to my inbox “asap as possible” (as Michael Scott would say, hehehe). 

In the meantime, my forced absence resulted in a short post-PL fic {Bad Connection} which was beta’d by @cloudsinvenice and @gairid, it has Daniel in it, so there’s that.

Explanation for my absence under the cut.

Last week, some images weren’t loading for me on ppl’s pages and archives (including my own, which I had initially assumed was the weird layout revert that tumblr had done to my blog and others; or an xkit malfunction), so after a little investigation, seems like my place of work has upped their blocking parameters *ugly cries* Welp, I thought, guess I’ll have to limit my tumbling to outside of work.

^Can’t do that, I was just sitting there on the sidelines watching all the stuff happen on my dash on my phone this week and just… by the time I get home I’m often too tired to do any more computering so… Listen, I am a sinner plz let me sin it is important for my productivity to be able to sin simultaneously. 

So for the time being, I’m going to try to deal with this limited tumbling until my place of work ups their blocking parameters further. We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it (as Louis would say, hehehe).

Jared Leto Is The New Vampire Lestat – Horror Fuel | Your Home For Horror ! Visit for the latest in horror news, reviews, and interviews!

@aafmun​ submitted:

I found an article with Jared Leto being the new Lestat. I think every Vampire Chronicles fan is dying of excitement right now X)

@i-want-my-iwtv replies: Thanks for finding this, @aafmun​! 

[[BTW if you guys don’t want to see this in your dash, I tag articles like these as #VC news.]]

The fandom is currently dying of excitement or misery or something inbetween! It’s only been ONE DAY since Josh Boone tweeted that pic of Jared Leto with the caption “Lestat – there can be only one.” and I’ve already seen tons of support and tons of hate for this possible casting choice.

Let underscore that.

this possible casting choice.

From the article: “Well, he may very well have his next role already lined-up, as the new vampire Lestat.” 

“Not only did Boone reveal the upcoming film, he Tweeted a photo of Leto with the caption “Lestat – there can only be one. #JaredLeto .” Leto will be starring in the role originally played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 classic.”

^Despite the last line thrown in there by the author, who has not provided any other evidence than the tweet, we don’t know if it’s official yet. @cloudsinvenice​ informs us that the pic is NOT Josh Boone playing dressup with Leto to make him into their version of Lestat; it was from Leto’s instagram, March 2015:


NOW, if I was Josh Boone, I wouldn’t tweet something like that with such a bold statement unless:

  • A. I had already been talking w/ Leto about it and he was interested, or
  • B. I wanted to get Leto’s attention on the project and see if he was into it. 

EITHER WAY… Let’s all be cautiously optimistic. I’m not saying I’m 100% convinced yet but Leto has alot going for him:

  • He is currently very hot and he doesn’t age. 
  • He is an actual rockstar and has all the singing and stage presence that goes with that.
  • Did you see him in Alexander?? Is this not what happened? He’s willing and able to bring the sensuality to the role that we could never have before *u*

All gifs below by @textsfrommacedonia [X][X][X]


Jared Leto Is The New Vampire Lestat – Horror Fuel | Your Home For Horror ! Visit for the latest in horror news, reviews, and interviews!