This lack of fanfiction is a serious problem.. due to it, I’m now following 3 Lestat, 2 Louis, 2 Armand, and 2 Claudia rps…

The RPers are quite talented, I enjoy stalking them. Every one of them brings a unique angle, face claim, etc., to their muse; I love having multiple Lestats, Armands, Claudias, etc., to compare and contrast! 

There is fanfic out there… if u know where to look…. I share that bc it’s a relatively safe place, since they do defend their writers when possible. Some people here on tumblr also link to fic under cuts.

I hope you’ll understand why I can’t offer more assistance in this regard, Anon, as it’s still a touchy secret in the VC fandom… That Which Must Be Kept.

Listen, I love to send Anon asks to you RPers!

However: If you really dislike a particular Anon ask, just don’t reply, but don’t hit IGNORE on it or else you’ll block my IP address permanently, and it’s irreversible, and then I won’t be able to send you Anon Asks anymore from this computer 😦 

Spread the word, make sure RP ppl know about this.