yeah thats right you’re like… how old again? ahaha i forget. like a fuckton old. in a good way.


♛“Not that I blame them, I’m basically FOREVER 21!”

“I’m a ‘fuckton’ old? That’s really not specific enough, some people fuck a lot (ME) and some fuck not at all (or RARELY *ahem* not naming names), so really, that’s a nebulous amount, mouton.”


“Prince Lestat” is a new novel with my vampire hero, and the first such novel in over ten years. I’ve been asked: do you have to read other Vampire Chronicles to understand this one? My answer is no, absolutely not. “Prince Lestat” is written to stand on its own, and includes all the material a reader might need to understand and enjoy the story. I don’t believe in writing a novel that requires readers to do “home work.” I hope “Prince Lestat” will be a pleasure for those who are entirely new to the Vampire Chronicles. Are there any other questions about the book that I might answer?

can you imagine if they re-do queen of the damned and the concert is amazing??( even though i really like the soundtrack to the first movie)

YES I want this bc of reasons! He deserved so much more out of that concert. I would suggest that the people behind the scenes look at footage of ACTUAL 80’s BANDS for reference on how to do Lestat’s concert accurately.


Hit the jump for my rambling about the soundtrack…

Honestly tho, the soundtrack to IWTV was mostly orchestral, and I would imagine a re-do of that trainwreck of a movie QotD would be more … modern rock? At least 80’s, because it takes place in 1985, IIRC… more along the lines of the G ‘n R’s Sympathy for the Devil cover that plays at the end (which I still prefer to the original, because I heard this cover first!)

Or Bruce Springsteen. We know Lestat and Louis both love the Boss, don’t even try to convince me otherwise. 

Elliot Goldenthal did an amazing job on the IWTV soundtrack, especially in how he perfectly captured the different characters: humorous/upbeat pieces like Lestat’s Tarantella and the more quietly disturbing Libera Me, etc. 

Side note: Speaking of The American Boychoir (they sung Libera Me), I’m reminded of the Vega Choir’s cover of Radiohead’s Creep for the Social Network. That was sorta along the same lines. 

Where does i find the tresors i find?

Someone asked me where I’m finding these cut scene stills that I just binge-posted. 

The answer is: All over the internet. Usually it’s when I do a search-by-image for a higher resolution version of an IWTV screengrab/production still I notice on my tumblr dash, sometimes the site that has the higher res version of the image is someone’s IWTV still & fanart collection, which I dig around in, and save things from. I don’t source to these sites bc they’re just collections, too. I try to source the image back to wherever its actual source is, when I can find it.

 Always interested in rare production stills and cut scene stills, so do submit them I’ll give you credit in addition to the source link 😀

Listen, I love to send Anon asks to you RPers!

However: If you really dislike a particular Anon ask, just don’t reply, but don’t hit IGNORE on it or else you’ll block my IP address permanently, and it’s irreversible, and then I won’t be able to send you Anon Asks anymore from this computer 😦 

Spread the word, make sure RP ppl know about this.