Got a message about some more reposted art that featured the blog’s URL so not sharing BUT:


If anyone else sees my stuff (or the stuff of folks you know) reposted on tumblr (insta, facebook, and other things have other channels to deal with reposting) I appreciate letting me know so I can investigate for foul play— That said it literally only ever happens with my Zelda fanart, lol.

Please discourage reposting and theft (as in printing products without an artist’s permission) among your friends if you see it happening. 

I do not encourage witch hunts and ask that you please PRIVATELY message me if you see anything like this. It’s no one’s business by mine and the reposter’s anyway. I like that people can reblog and add ‘@’ credit if the OP failed to do so, and honestly that’s fine too. 

Do you ever stop to think about how blessed we are that this fandom is small and old enough to not have been penetrated by the sjw movement?

For the most part, yes, I am grateful for that blessing EVERY DAY. Seriously. Every SJW™ argument that passes my dash, I breathe easier when I see that it’s not for OUR fandom.


Fiction =/= Reality. Fiction has been used for centuries to explore and investigate things we love about Reality, things we don’t understand, even things we find repulsive about Reality. Fiction is in fact Speculative Reality: “What if X happened to Y? How would that improve our understanding of X and Y?”

To investigate the text thoughtfully is one thing, but our fandom veterans -myself included- can see that a lot of this SJW Culture™ seems more about “calling out,” choosing a Problematic™ topic to battle with (there are tons in our canon to choose from!) and using that as an excuse to attack, rather than the desire for a rational discussion. They often do this in the name of Righteousness (for popularity? Or just their own satisfaction?), but there are so many Problematic™ topics that are NOT simply black or white, topics which have been argued about long before the internet, and will continue to be argued about forever! I’ve seen good blogs deactivate (or go on hiatus) for being dogpiled for the slightest headcanon or SJW disagreements, and that’s not what I want to promote in our fandom, regardless of who’s right.

PSA: If you ever see one of my posts that gets you all fired up like “Ooooh she is so wrong about this and I’m gonna lay the SMACKDOWN now!” just know that I do not, as a general policy, engage in public SJ debate. I might be willing to discuss things privately if you approach me in a respectful manner with facts to back up your claims. I don’t run this blog for Social Justice™ points. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT SOCIAL JUSTICE™ POINTS.



oh my god what the heck is happening someone fanmailed me saying that im violating anne rice’s copyright what the heck what what oh my god im deleting this blog bye

//Okay, babies, first of all: 

We are all violating Mater’s copyright by having RP blogs. That is true. But unless you receive a C&D from Mater herself, you aren’t in any trouble. 

i-want-my-iwtv can probably clear this up a bit more, as they have more knowledge of this. 

But, as a fan who went through the entire “Oh God the fandom is gone because our writer is Some Crazy Bitch Who Sues Her Fans” thing, I’m pretty sure that a random person sending you fan mail doesn’t mean you are going to jail. Tumblr will delete your blog before that happens. 

Anyone want to correct me on this?

People Off the Page:

I’m looking into this. I have no idea if it’s legit or not, whether that was a real Cease & Desist message Lestatdelight received. I’m researching it.

Fairly certain that everything devilsfool wrote above is correct. Tumblr can pull your blog at the request of the copyright holder. You’re not going to jail. If it’s a legit C&D, all they want is the material removed. Little do they realize that it’s been reblogged all over the damn place and downloaded, and copied and pasted into documents offline, there IS NO COMPLETE REMOVAL of a blog’s output!

I happen to care immensely about the issues of copyright, fair use, intellectual property, etc. and also about the rights of fanartists to make fanworks. Because I adore fanworks. Because I adore the fandom who creates and enjoys fanworks.

And because I make fanworks, too. If this is legit I’m actually surprised they didn’t go after me first, this blog is far more offensive than lestatdelight’s. Anyone who knows this person, please help me get in touch with them so I can get more info about the whole situation from them. If anyone receives messages like that one, requesting you take down your blog, let me know because:

We need to know if this is going to spread to all the VC RPs and fandom blogs. 

Save things that you want to save. My blog is not immune. Download whatever you want, I may not be able to give warning before it’s taken down.

In the event that my blog is ever taken down, look for the tag #iwantmyiwtvRIP *cries*

HTTrack: This is a great website copier. You can download a site and then view it offline as if it was online, frozen at the time of download. You can even update an existing saved website, once you’ve downloaded it.

Don’t be this kind of asshole



                                         See this person? See suck-iiiit

                                         Do not be this person.

                                     Do not remove artist’s comments.

                                 Do not add ship hate to an artist’s work. 

 It’s rude, it’s childish, it makes you no friends, and it lets everyone else know what a grade-A Asshole you are. 

                    This has been a been a PSA, with love, from Batwynn. 

PREACH. ^This applies to all fanwork posts, at least on this blog.


7 Step Guide to Work Around the Evil Locked Text Box!

For RPers and anyone else.

I have a browser at work that won’t take Xkit so I had to figure out a workaround. Here’s my example post.

Respect Original Characters

    If you disrespect OCs, you disrespect all authors.

    OC stands for Original Character. Whether or not they exist in a fandom that is not their own does not matter. That’s why it’s not Original Story it’s Original Character. An OC is created solely off of the imagination of the author to carry out their purpose whether it be to love another character, to solve a conflict, or something else.

    It is understandable if someone does not like a character that is a mary-sue or gary-stu. These are characters who are either a writer’s self-insert (which the reader wouldn’t know if they don’t know the author) or characters that seem too “perfect”. However, making mary-sues or gary-stus is a step in the OC creation process. These are typically made by beginning authors. They need time and people to help them develop their characters. No one is going to make a first draft of a character and call it a final, it takes time for characters to develop fears, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, etc. It’s like revising an essay. You’ll move things around and change things until they’re nearly perfect, but nothing is ever “perfect”. You’ll ask your peers for their advice and to revise any potential errors. In the roleplaying world, a roleplay partner should point out any flaws or something that may improve a character. This is what makes characters less of a mary-stu or gary-stu. But the thing is, no one gives them a chance.

    As an author in the roleplay community with several OC roleplay blogs, I myself and a few other OC authors have been having a hard time being accepted by those who play canon characters. This is why I’m writing this. Someone was bashing OCs in general, saying that they were an annoyance. Maybe it’s hard for some people to grasp, but canon characters are original characters. Someone created Tamaki Suoh, someone created Harry Potter, someone created Captain Jack Sparrow, but only when they got a popular movie, anime, book, etc. did they become what we know as “canon”. They’re still original to someone regardless of what people say. There are also canon characters that are more than perfect, but no one bashes them as much as people criticize original characters. 

    I’m not saying that there aren’t people who aren’t accepting of the creativity and imagination of Original Characters. It’s just that there isn’t enough people who are willing to look deeper into a character. Many criticize OCs before they really get to know them or their story. It’s disrespectful of people to do this without getting a good look. Maybe if people give more constructive criticism, OCs will receive a new makeover and the stereotype will be changed.

    Let’s please get rid of the stereotype that all OCs are mary-sues or gary-stus. Because let’s admit it. There are people who will go onto an OCs page and say, “This character is an OC, they must suck,“ and not look into the backstory, the canons, or the intricate details that the author spend days, weeks, years putting into a character. And because of what? A lousy stereotype.

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t judge a character by their author. Don’t judge an author by their character. Help us develop our characters. Give us constructive criticism to make us better. Respect that we have flaws and that nothing is perfect.


ooc: PSA to the VC RP Comm


1. RP is not a competition. You are not auditioning for the role of your muse. You aren’t trying to beat others out. You don’t own your muse or the muses who RP with your muse.* There might be 1 of your muse or 10, and that could number could change tomorrow. It’s not static. If you don’t like it, maybe tumblr RP is not for you. 

2. No, seriously, RP is not a contest of any kind. It’s not about who’s “better” (who the hell decides that, anyway?) It’s not a race or a marathon or one of those irritating muddy obstacle courses. Fandom is giant celebration in a giant meadow and there’s room for everyone to play. 

3. We are pretending to be vampires on the internet. It’s not serious business. Let’s all make an effort to be good to each other, yeah? 

*Obviously you own your OCs, but the part about it not being a competition is still very true. It’s not.