Coffee shop AUs redefine escapism from wild fantasies about dragons and space travel to the comforting ideal of having a steady job and supportive relationships.
For a generation who came of age during the Great Recession, living in a time of constant political trauma, it’s not hard to understand the appeal.

How coffee shop romance became fanfic’s hottest genre

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This article features fanart by @sheepskeleton of the coffee shop AU that @wicked-felina and I wrote!

The fic is called Signature Blend, and there are additional chapters called the Last Drop. 

Fanart used with permission from both of us and the artist, @sheepskeleton:


Reasons to faint





Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

  • Armand in stockings
  1. Armand in stockings

Couldn’t help myself…

Stockings you say???


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So Falls the World – Chapter 1



Rating: Eventual E
Words: 4281
Pairing(s): Marius/Pandora, Pandora/Akasha, Marius/Pandora/Akasha.
Summary: Daniel’s gone back to Armand, Marius is feeling sorry for himself, Pandora calls him on his bullshit.

Musical Accompaniment: So Falls the World by Ulver. ❤ 

Notes: I’ve been chiseling away at this for months lmao TA DA. In my mind this is a one shot but as of now it’s around 22k so Tumblr told me to break it into chapters a while back when I asked. SHRUG!! Anyway big shoutout to @superhiki for reading the WIP at random intervals the last couple months and keeping me motivated. 😀 THANKS BUD ILU. ALSO THANKS @sheepskeleton for pointing me in the direction of some helpful ANCIENT POETRY STUFF. 😀 😀 

If you guys want an example of incredibly well written women in sexy situations please read this. Pandora absolutely takes none of Marius’ nonsense and STILL gets the goods, attagirl! 

I really do love this and haven’t read anything before where a character held their ground so well against… coddling. Truly gracious and merciful without giving someone in need only enough rope to hang themselves with. 

Perfect Marius characterization, an excellent balance of what makes him ‘charming’ (his ability to manipulate) but in the hands of someone who can wring out all the nonsense and find the delicate person beneath all the bravado.  

So Falls the World – Chapter 1