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OMG is that a Lestat doll?!?!

Source: uruviel on Flickr, unspecified vampire. 

We need an AFFORDABLE set of VC dolls, for sure, and it would be great if they were like this one <333

EDIT/UPDATE: saint-rouge informs us that this BJD (ball jointed doll) “for anyone interested it is the sculpt ‘Infernale’ by DollIOS ! Another good vampire sculpt is the ‘Gluino — Vampire Alchemist’ by Soom.”

Thanks @saint-rouge ! 😀 I’m on mobile so I can’t easily link to those but anyone can reblog this and add the links and image(s) of the other doll and I’ll reblog it if I see it.



This afternoon I tried to do a Claudia’s drawing with a little doll, but I’m not good at it. So, a partner on Twitter RP did one inspired on my “sketch”. XD

I better keep drawing buildings and designing houses. 😂

Anyway, I loved it!

She’s an Armand RolePlayer on Twitter.