Samhain Marius for Samhain?
Happy Halloween!~ 🎃

My human death was long finished, I was ravenous, and surely my face was no more than a living skull. No doubt my eyes were bulging from their sockets, and my teeth were bared. The white robe hung on me as on a skeleton. And no clearer evidence of my divinity could have been given to the Druids, who stood awestruck as I came out of the tree. […]
The voices were singing in concert around me as the priests placed the flowers in my hair, on my shoulders, at my feet.




armand in the ‘80s

i kinda feel sad for armand – i mean, people seem to like lestat even though he’s a pain in the ass but when armand is like please love me!!!?? literally everybody goes hmmm nah

Maybe because he’s a fucking psycho (?

You’ve condemned me to hell!-Louis





Lestat: What if hell is like the lunch room in Mean Girls? What then? Did you even think of that Louis? Of course, you didn’t. 



Snapchat really was created just for Lestat. Snapstat.




Okay but honestly Louis’ favorite modern holiday really is Halloween because he just fucking loves interacting with all the little kids who come up to his door for trick or treating. Like, I’m sure he and Lestat own a home in the suburbs somewhere, and Louis makes sure to buy hella candy (and like, the good candy too- not the cheap ass off-brand kind). He can obviously tell which kids are malnourished, and so he sometimes will give them apples or those little “uncrustables” PB&J sandwiches and send them on their way. The little kids all love his house, and stop there every year- Louis remembers all of them, and enjoys watching them grow each year. For the older kids, he’ll sometimes smile just a little too widely to watch them run from his door, shoving one another wile shouting “Told you so!” or “He’s real!” or “What the hell!” Still, there are loads of kids who he’s handed candy to for over a decade, and as they reach high school, he slowly begins to realize that this might be the last year he sees them- the last year before they become “too cool” to go trick or treating. But every year, he meets a new generation as well, and every now and then he’ll be utterly shocked to find that some of the children he gave candy to all those years ago have grown up and had their own children, and are now on his doorstep with a small child clinging to their leg. 

Needless to say, it’s rewarding. The one night of the year that he is a true member of his beloved New Orleans community.

Like, I understand that Louis de Pointe du Lac is a grump and a buzzkill most of the time but he really does love kids- mostly because he misses his own. 

I wrote a fic based on this post if anyone is interested 🙂

BRB SCREAMING omg this is the cutest fucking thing and the last line killed me aaahhhh 10/10!!!



Interview With The Vampire-ing with @aegiskitty as Lestat. Practicing my Louis pout.


Happy Halloween my dear follower!

It’s still the 31.10 in Germany xDv Have a great night with all your beloved people ❤

This time many Halloween greetings from Louis de Pointe du Lac, who was forced to wear the nun costume by Lestat and Lestat de Lioncourt, who loves his grumpy nun Louis ❤

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