Hello everyone! 🙂 Here’s our newest Vampire Chronicles fanart, we did it as a doodle for reaching the 3500-like goal in our FB page “Dany&Dany”. ❤ This is our interpretation of Nicolas De Lenfent, in all his darkness and sadness. Hope you like it! 
We also wanted to celebrate the coming out of the chapter 7 of our vampire manga series “Dàimones – Prima Lux” (chapters 1-7 are available on amazon both English and Italian). 

“#the cat just claimed him one night#and follows him around” like Lestat? ;)

Lol basically!


^by @danyanddany

♫ But the cat came back the very next day,
The cat came back, we thought he was a goner
But the cat came back; it just couldn’t stay away.
Away, away, yea, yea, yea ♫




Let’s talk about art! So many people in the VC community say we are not active enough, there are not enough fanfictions (mostly because it is forbidden) or fanarts. Dear, you are wrong and that is why I want to thank our wonderful artists making this tumblr community more alive than ever all around the world.

  1. @auricaedus
  2. @danyanddany
  3. @superhiki
  4. @fruitscake
  5. @jealizing
  6. @evara-hargreaves
  7. @monkeyelbow
  8. @sheepskeleton
  9. The legendary @garama
  10. @n2015n
    And many others

Dear artists, you are amazing and not only for your VC fanarts but for all your works, thank you for your contribution to the fandom

Go check their work!

Thank you!~


A little Vampire Chronicles doodle to celebrate the 3333 likes to our FB page Dany&Dany and to thank each one of our followers! 🎉 ❤
This is Marius in the 18th century, when Lestat met him for the first time. It’s been a while since we’ve drawn him, so please, be gentle with us. :* #vampires #manga #comics #danyanddany #vampirechronicles #interviewwiththevampire #IWTV #annerice #fanart #marius #mariusderomanus #gothic #bishonen #longhairedmen

What is your opinion about Marius/Pandora? Like, I shipped it real hard when I read the books, but at 14 I couldn’t really see the problematic aspects of it (i.e. everything). Now, over ten years later, I see it, but I still think, despite everything, they were the happiest they seem able to ever be, in the 200 years they were together- despite all the fights (or maybe because of it?). And I really don’t understand why there are so few M/P shippers, since most of us read it as young teens anyway


[^Marius & Pandora by @danyanddany​]

Anon, your message sat in my inbox for over a week because I don’t remember enough about their relationship to answer this question. 

I’ll open it up to anyone to answer!