Do you follow @therealtonheukels on instagram? I think it’s either Lestat or his son

Lestat and his son would both have an IG, and would get really annoyed when ppl confuse them (since they look so similar). Lestat maintains that his Insta is much classier with much better fashion, whereas Viktor’s in his greasy, sorta drug addict, grunge posing stage.

I don’t do IG, but Ton Heukels is chosen now and then as a Lestat RP face claim.

@lestatdelight-archive uses him ;]



He could probably make a good Lestat or Viktor. 


            She had ALWAYS found villains more exciting
          than heroes. They had ambition, passion. They
           made the stories h a p p e n. Villains didn’t fear
           death. No, they wrapped themselves in death
           like suits of armor
! As she inhaled the school’s
         graveyard smell, she felt her BLOOD RUSH. For
                    like all villains, death didn’t scare her.
                               IT MADE HER FEEL ALIVE.


Some RPers actually already claimed him for Daniel Molloy and I have to agree w/ them, he’s very Daniel!

However, I always thought of Daniel as being similar to Lestat in appearance, and upon further very scientific research, I think Jeremy Dufour could also work as Lestat. I couldn’t find a really decent pic of him smiling in a Lestatuesque way, but a great smile is necessary, too ;]


i-want-my-iwtv: SHOTS FIRED in the VC RP community. It’s a WTF off contest! Post your best WTF fc pics!

// I’m a kind of ‘master’ of weird faces.
Here’s my submission! 😀


[ Well. More a “are you serious” than a real WTF. C’: ]

Another contender as entered the WTF off VC fc contest! Extra points awarded for cosplay 😉