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Bon anniversaire, ma moitié.

226 years ago, I accidentally stumbled across you in a sordid little inn by the waterfront. Since that moment, my life has never been quite the same. 

I love you. Stupidly, foolishly, against both of our better instincts. Thank you for ignoring your better judgement and coming back to me, again and again and again. 

So…You wanted a bath? Let’s have a bath. 

Ah, and so lucky for you, that I have such poor judgement.  I love you too, mon coeur.

One could hardly turn down such a proposition, given the breathtaking view.

You even trusted me enough to have candles beside the bath.  I am flattered.

So, I’ve see the Interview With the Vampire movie on several different formats, I currently own both an HD digital copy and a copy on laser disk. I have found virtues in both, the HD version is clear enough to see details you cant see on LD, old DVD, and VHS, however the way I have my LD player set up I can turn my TV off and just listen to the movie and there is also a nostalgia factor. Which do you prefer? Bonus: which one would Lestat like?

I watched it on VHS** for the first time, now I have it on DVD, but I don’t have any other formats. The real crime is that I’ve never seen it in a theatre ;A; I was under 17 when it came out! 


[^X former fan fave for Lestat, Travis Fimmel]

Lestat has mixed feelings about watching IWTV, bc he enjoys a lot of it, and he loves to tease Louis about the rats and the poodles, it is visually appealing, the kills are pretty accurate and he does love to revisit his seduction of Louis and the times when they were happy <3. But he also feels like the movie overall paints him in an excessively negative light. There are also many scenes that are painful for him (and Louis) to watch, like, y’know, Louis defensively setting Lestat on fire… and when Louis finds Claudia’s ashes. They’ve been through so much ;A;

I would think it would be hard to watch a movie of a time period in my own life, with other people playing me and my family, loved ones, and the people who antagonized me (intentionally or not). To have some enormously famous actor playing me would be flattering but that I’m portrayed as the antagonist in my lover’s life? That would probably hurt. I DO antagonize ppl and ppl antagonize me. We’re all the protagonists in our own stories, and none of us are perfect cinnamon rolls – except Mojo – we’re all works in progress, and I think Lestat watches IWTV with that in mind. He’s grown a lot since then, through a lot of effort and a lot more obstacle-conquering, he’s proven that he has a place in this world, even if he’s mostly serving as a cautionary tale (basically: ”Don’t do this thing that I did!”)

Asterisked stuff and my own movie!IWTV-watching preferences

under the cut, cut for length.

Re: Which do you prefer? I haven’t bought the Blu-ray bc I don’t have a Blu-ray player; I have a small DVD collection but I didn’t want to have to rebuy them all. I agree, the picture quality is in fact better in the Blu-ray,* bc I’ve seen it, so I should probably bite the bullet and get the Blu-ray *pouts* For now, I’m okay w/ missing out on a few of the actor’s eyelashes and skin pores, lol.

I have to listen to music in order to be productive, and I hum or sing along with it. I love listening to the TV or movies when I’m working on my memes or other artistic things, I make jewelry as a hobby, too. But I can’t listen to TV/movies when doing video edits, bc then the audio clashes. Knowing so many of the lines in IWTV, it’s a good one to listen to and say the lines along with it. My voice sounds like a 12 year old’s, I should dub myself in for some of Lestat’s lines and post vids, you’ll think it’s Claudia making fun of him, pfffft. 

So yes, I’ll listen to IWTV sometimes for background noise, but when I want to actually watch it on its own or w/ ppl, the DVD is fine, or the Blu-ray, if I’m visiting someone and they have that format at their place.

**There’s something nostalgic for me about the VHS tape format, which I don’t have anymore. It was a big hunk of plastic w/ a thick protective plastic box in my little tween hands when I was 11, and it seemed more substantial, more worthy of carrying a whole tragic & beautiful movie than these fragile little circles in their skinny little cases that we have now. My copy was well-used, and I took good care of it, I never noticed a decrease in the picture quality even after countless replays even tho I’ve heard ppl say that VHS tapes would get worn.

*Re: Picture quality: At first glance, on a laptop or smaller device screen (and at this teensy size like ugh) these two shots of Louis look identical (it’s not exactly the same frame but it’s as close as I could get w/o going crazay):


But when you see it on a bigger screen, there’s more resolution on the


version, it’s a sharper image:


Lestat, have you seen the movie adaptation (1994) of Louis’ book? Thoughts?

♛I have and we’ve watched it together more than once. My criticisms about it are for Louis’ ears only. I will say that the actor they cast for me did a very accurate job, but I am much more attractive than he is, they could have just cast me *winks* but then all the other actors might have broken character swooning at my feet, so, it probably worked out for the best.

[//ooc: ^X dug this old gem up from the archive! I made it before I was watermarking things. BTW can u believe that’s Travis Fimmel?! from his modeling days… he could have made a great Lestat then, he’s so grizzled now, not sure if he’d want to be so pretty ever again…]



I never asked for power

Travis Fimmel was once a big VC fandom choice for playing Lestat, and this gifset reminded me why. Look at all that menace and delight all wrapped up together! And he looks great spattered with blood. Really brings out his eyes.

“You little bastard, ” he said coldly. “You didn’t kill eight wolves! ”
His face had an ugly disgusted look to it. But the remarkable thing was

this: Almost as soon as he spoke these words, he realized for some
reason that he had made a mistake. Maybe it was the look on my face.
Maybe it was my mother’s murmured outrage or my other brother not
speaking at all.
It was probably my face. – The Vampire Lestat

Also he gets an axe accessory in Prince Lestat, so there’s that, too! Would probably be about that size bc he can wear it inside his coat inconspicuously.

Can we steal Aaron Tvelit and George Blagden in the name of our random? Isn’t the relationship between L and L similar to Enjolras and Grantaire somehow?

YES BOTH. They’re both pretty adorable, from what I’ve seen (I’m not in the Les Mis fandom)… but I don’t see them as L/L. If I was more into the Enjolras and Grantaire characters I might agree with you 😛

I frequently see Enjolras fanart that looks like Lestat [did a reverse-image search and didn’t find source for this, sorries, tell me and I’ll edit.]:


 [Source unknown on this one, too, sorries. Tell me and I’ll edit. Might be by @chazstity]


Aaron Tveit looks more like a Daniel to me, though, in these pics.

From Rent, I think:




I don’t watch Vikings but Travis Fimmel has been mentioned as a fancast for Lestat, and seeing these cuddly gifs of him with George Blagden, well, Lestat/Nicki? Hmm?


When TF wants a snuggles he TAKES A SNUGGLES:


Travis has this ability to be really menacing like your resistance is stoking the menace:


George bein’ all hypnotic w/out hardly trying:


I was watching some “honest trailers” on youtube and… We definitely need one for IWTV, don’t you think? If the good people of the vc fandom leave comments under the channel’s last video within a defined period of time, it might works, nope?


“I can’t help being a gorgeous fiend. It’s just the card I drew.” -Lestat de Lioncourt, The Vampire Lestat

photoshop credit goes to i-want-my-iwtv (please do not remove).

Rutger Hauer is Lestat



Today Facebook played “I know what you did last spring summer” and reminded me what I did on May 29th but 4 years ago. I am  so grateful…

 Ok and this is what I did. Honestly, I completely forgot about it. And yes, nothing has changed in this department…

BUT let’s make something clear…Tom Cruise was brilliant as Lestat. 😉


I  reposted this status on my wall, because of course I  got nostalgic and I am lestatized heavily. We had a lovely conversation with friends there. 


It PAINS me that Rutger Hauer didn’t play Lestat back then. Just look at him, god damn. *thousand-yard stare*

^Agreed. VERY PAIN. Forever mourn that Rutger Hauer was too old when they were finally ready to make IWTV. The book came out in ‘76, and the movie languished in production hell until it finally started filming in ’93-’94 and like afg;huljl;!?kflifiimsfifghtl! *strangled anguish noises* 

Travis Fimmel also has a lot of Lestatuesque potential in him… Even Stuart Townsend did the best he could with the trainwreck he was given (who do I blame his accent on? Probably the director). At least Townsend had the right build, I’ll give him that. It’s another tough thing to achieve; Lestat would have been athletically muscular from all the running and hunting in the Auvergne, and then the acrobatics in Paris. Not a bodybuilder level of muscular. Plus he was like 21, remember.

BUT! YES! let’s make something clear…Tom Cruise was brilliant as Lestat. 😉