#i’m literally reblogging for the commentary#vampire chronicles

I can hardly bear to watch this movie but this commentary is very accurate so I’m on board and #i’m literally reblogging for the commentary, too.




No u don’t understand Armand is so touchy over Marius because of the whole Sybelle and Benji thing and it just  draws up 500 years of abandonment and having to realize that what Marius and him once had was not a relationship and what happened since that night he brought him home from the brothels can never be fixed and trying to bestow him with “gifts” to woo Armand back into it only broke that tender last straw. Sybelle and Benji were not Armand’s Bianca and Riccardo 2.0 They were his saviors and he merely wanted to see them grow, not be stuck like he was or be strung along like he did Daniel and Marius foiled that. But lord is Armand trying. Keeping his distance but trying with Marius.)

// Ooooo gurl Armand and Marius need to have some words.

I’d like to see them try.