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Or, alternatively: Gays and Coats

(I may upload the uncolored version later but)


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Let’s talk about art! So many people in the VC community say we are not active enough, there are not enough fanfictions (mostly because it is forbidden) or fanarts. Dear, you are wrong and that is why I want to thank our wonderful artists making this tumblr community more alive than ever all around the world.

  1. @auricaedus
  2. @danyanddany
  3. @superhiki
  4. @fruitscake
  5. @jealizing
  6. @evara-hargreaves
  7. @monkeyelbow
  8. @sheepskeleton
  9. The legendary @garama
  10. @n2015n
    And many others

Dear artists, you are amazing and not only for your VC fanarts but for all your works, thank you for your contribution to the fandom

Go check their work!

Thank you!~

Hello, I wonder if vampire can be taken a picture? Can their image show up in photos?

//ooc; idk about other vampires, it varies. The What We Do in the Shadows vampires could have photos taken of them, but couldn’t see their own reflection in mirrors *shrugs*.

Ricean vampires can see their own reflections in mirrors. 

Omg, I totally forgot about this, but apparently Khayman has mental photoshop powers?? From QOTD:

[Khayman] liked the libraries where he could find photographs of ancient monuments in big smooth good-smelling
books. He took his own photographs of the new cities around him and sometimes he could put images on

these pictures which came from his thoughts. For example, in his photograph of Rome there were Roman
people in tunics and sandals superimposed upon the modern versions in their thick ungraceful clothes.

I headcanon that Ricean vampires can be photographed, and they take selfies…



When he sneakin’ kisses from the bae and ya get jealous even though y’all ain’t official

by @kotilae]

Jesse also sees photos of Armand in QOTD:

David had put something in her hand. Reluctantly she took her eyes off the painting. She found herself
staring at a tintype, a late-nineteenth-century photograph. After a moment, she whispered: “This is the same

“Yes. And something of an experiment,” David said. “It I was most likely taken just after sunset in impossible
lighting conditions which might not have worked with another subject. Notice not much is really visible but
his face.” True, yet she could see the style of the hair was of the period. I “You might look at this as well,”
David said. And this time he gave her an old magazine, a nineteenth-century journal, the I kind with narrow
columns of tiny print and ink illustrations. There was the same boy again alighting from a barouche-a I hasty
sketch, though the boy was smiling.