expanding on a comic i made a while ago. I love you, vampire steve buscemi



Vampire Angst: “Woe, I am a monster, and doomed to watch everything I love perish from this unending accursed eternal half-life.”

Werewolf Angst: “Who IS a good boy?  Is it me?”


Lestat, I’ve always wondered: Do different humans taste different? Like, if you happened upon some spilled blood and tasted it, could you tell who it was from provided you’d had blood from them in the past? What about other species? Can you tell if a person is a witch or a werewolf etc, by their blood?

//ooc; I don’t know enough about the science with blood, but in my opinion, yes, humans taste different to vampires based at least partially on that person’s diet, and I headcanon that they do things to affect the flavor when they feel like going to the effort, like getting their victims drunk or aroused or terrified or whatever.


[X Someone has a sweet tooth fang.]

If placed before him, yes, I think Lestat would have to have previously tasted that blood if he’s trying to identify it. And it would have to be somewhat fresh, I would think dead or dried blood loses a lot of its flavor (and it’s pretty unappealing to vampires anyway).

With mortals, Ricean vampires are supposed to have perfect memories, and I do think Lestat has his favorite types of mortals and/or ways to flavor them with specific drinks/foods/ or provoking them into specific emotions, and he has favorite mortals he visits repeatedly for Little Drinks (unbeknownst to them, probably).

Werewolves might have something of the wolf taste in them and that would be noticeable to a vampire as odd for a human. So yes, I think Lestat could tell if someone was a werewolf.

With witches, I think they would fall under the “if Lestat has tasted their blood before, he can identify them,” but I don’t think there is anything specific to witch blood that would let him know it’s a witch, since witches are mortals who practice a religion. I don’t know enough about witches to know if it changes their blood physically, but if it does, vampires would probably notice.

Hello! Without any spoilers, what can you tell me about The Wolf Gift series? Have you read it? I haven’t yet and I’m curious (and desperately craving some beautiful Anne Rice writing). Also your blog is amazing, so thanks! :’) ~hugs~

Ah merci for the compliment, glad u enjoy ma blarg ~hugs back~ ♥u♥

Very easy to tell you what I know w/o any spoilers bc I… didn’t read it! I’m not a huge werewolf fan, sadly. It depends on the type of werewolf, the era, so many factors (par example, I like this one, I loved Jack Nicholson in Wolf, and I loved the werewolves in What We Do in the Shadows). 

I intend to read it, someday, but for now, from what I’ve heard about it, my gut reaction is this:


[X] ok i cracked the spine and skimmed it a bit but that was the best I could do for the initial exposure. It’s exposure-therapy with fiction.

Has anyone read any of this series? Reblog and share your opinions, no spoilers, as per @moonsandlace‘s request ;]

Hello! I can’t recall reading any werewolf books (only Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn which doesn’t count (its great, but readers know what i mean) and Angela Carter). They’re still my favorite beast. Any novel recommendations? Please and Ty!



Sorry, I don’t really read many werewolf stories.

Does anyone else know of any good ones?


[X] Not that I tried to read it ok i cracked the spine and skimmed it a bit but that was the best I could do for the initial exposure, but Anne Rice has a werewolf series going now. It made that Wiki list above.







ok but what if like. werewolves transform under the full moon but theres just this one and by day hes a big tough guy and then when he transforms hes a tiny dog. just fucking. just fucking turns into the tiniest, fluffiest dog


imagine that howling at the moon






Truly a ferocious predator.

And lastly: (He’s the pack leader obviously)


the big wolves are his younger sisters

oh my fucking god it got better