As asked by @i-want-my-iwtv, this is my second tattoo, in honor of Armand (if it wasn’t that obvious^^).
“If I’m an angel, paint me with black wings”

It took 7 hours for the first time, and 2 more hours a month later for retouching some parts.
I choose lace because Armand love Belgium Lace, and I do handmade lace.
Roses, because as these flowers, he is dangerous and beautiful.
The feather is more for me, because, I write, and draw a lot.
And the collar with the cameo and little red gemms is just a vampire Allegory.

I didn’t choose this words just because Armand said them. It’s more because of the echo they have in me.

Fun fact: my name is Morgane, and the artist who was tattooing me was named Merlin ^^

OH RIGHT I do remember this tatt, it’s lovely and I love your description of it so I’m slamming the reblog 💕